News: JJT: Cowboys may face grievance for releasing Carter

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by LaTunaNostra, Aug 6, 2004.

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    Bingo! Common sense prevails yet again.
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    Morning Sarge...

    Common sense--wow!

    We don't often see much of that.
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    Morning Michael.

    You're right, we're suffering a shortage of that at present.

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    Actually, you are wrong here. Parcells had just said a couple of days before that competition for QB was wide open but that Carter 'has a leg up" on the competition.

    This doesn't make Carter the starter. I think we need to understand that until the opening day roster is set, starters are pencilled in and not with ink. And it makes no difference on this whole issue. Starter or not, releasing Carter because of many reasons that all of us saw is reasonable.

    The Cowboys are well within their rights to let Carter go. All they had to do is just say he wasn't in their plans..Period. That's what they said. That's all they need to do. That's what they said when Hutch was released. He wasn't in their plans. When they cut Banks in the first week of practice two years ago..same thing.

    The league and the Pro-Carter supporters can say what they want, but not in a million years are the Cowboys going to lose any grievance.

    JJ knows the rules. He's on more committees than Carter has pills..(sort of joke there). He knows exactly what to do in this situation and how to paint the picture of Carter's release.

    He'll make a case concerning this which will show a continual history of conflict and inability to handle his position with the team on and off the field, even including his below-par performance last year and not even have to mention anything about the drug stuff.

    This is a tempest in a teapot.

    While from the outside, some may think this is all a revelation that Carter would be released, but we have no idea what was really going on within the Dallas organization. I think Dallas made the decision to possibly relase Carter the moment Vinny was signed but they wanted to see how Carter responded.

    I believe and I think the Cowboys beliieved, that Vinny was going to be given every opportunity to win the starting job just like Quincy was given the clear opportunity to start over Hutch last summer.

    I believe that right from Mini-camp on..Dallas and their coaches saw that Vinny had a better understanding of the position and had the arm to allow the staff to install the entire offense now because Carter lacked many of the skills required of it.

    From a stand point of making Vinny the starter and installing the offense based on Vinny's strengths makes sense because they want Henson to learn from Vinny at the same time. They need to speed up Henson quickly for next maybe for this year if Vinny goes down.

    Carter was slipping thru the cracks and he could see the handwriting on the wall, just like Hutch did last year with what Parcells and the staff were doing. Actually, we all should have seen it.

    Further, if Carter had been bumped down as the second string QB, he would have been a big distraction because he considered himself the starter from last year and it would not have sit well. Just look at his comment just days before his release. They were completely contradictory form the headcoaches statements about the position and how it was going to be decided.

    Nope, there is no case here. Dallas was about to make their changes at the position regardless and if it wasn't this season, it was surely going to be next season, so why delay the inevitable.

    Sure, if Carter could have been expected to go along with the chages and be professional about his impending demotion, I'd say keep him for insurance this season, just incase. But his non-team statements days before his release, his drug actions on top of all that and the course the team was taking for it's future suggested the changes happen now, not later. can copy and paste this post into your reply to the NFLPA when it arrives. I won't mind..hehehehe..!!

    So drop all this BS and conspiracy -mania and let's worry about the our first preseason game and enjoy things.

    Carter was given a huge chance with this team..more than any other team in this league would have given him and he needs to shutup, realized he completely screwed himself up and get back into rehab and move on.

    So do we.


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    All they had to do was say he sucked and needed to go, it's not that hard, I've been saying it for years.
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    Who's side are you on Nors?
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    Do you have any idea how difficult it would be to "prove" that Carter was cut entirely for failing a drug test?

    The rule that prohibits cutting a guy just for a failed drug test is so a team can't cut a player because they think drugs are a cutting a player for hiring a prostitute because you're an elder in your church.

    I think all they have to do is indicate that they'd been having conversations about his role, produce reports that he was not having a great camp, indicate through his own interviews that they didn't accept his attitude towards QB competition, along with his history, include the desire to speed up the development of Henson and Romo, and indicate that he was likely to be cut anyway and that this avoided hurting the team with a future 4 game suspension and gave Carter a chance to catch on with another team earlier in camp...........and bingo, they win any grievance.

    It's only right that the NFLPA at least look into this...I mean we love the Cowboys and we were even questioning the way the information about the release was clouded in mystery, leading most to think it was only due to a failed drug test, which is NOT allowed. I'd expect my union to look into things too, just to make sure all is done correctly and the players they represent aren't being screwed.

    But the bottom line is that the NFLPA probably won't even find enough proof to file the can you prove that the failed drug test was the lone reason?

    If we were to lose a grievance of this nature, it would only be because BP and JJ shot themselves in the foot with their over-acted press conference instead of simply telling the straight-forward truth that it was determined CArter was not the long term answer at QB and they preferred to jettison him now and let the younger guys develop behind Vinnie....not providing all the details openly and honestly probably is what has everyone thinking something is going on here.

    I also doubt that a punishment would include any really significant punishment, certainly not a high draft pick....just my opinion.

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