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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 17, 2013.

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    Jean-Jacques Taylor ‏@JJT_ESPNDallas 1h
    Thoughts from Cowboys' loss 1) Let's hope the Kyle Orton we saw today we never see again. He was awful.

    2) 6 turnovers is a joke, but I view them overall as an aberration

    3) The running game is struggling

    4) DeVonte Holloman looks like a playmaker and seems like he needs to have a role

    5) The 1st team offense looked explosive

    6) Lance Dunbar will be weapon in passing game

    7) DL depth is shady

    8) Tanney did nice job, but he won't make team. Orton costs too much money and DC not trust fate to a dude who's never taken reg season snap

    9) With Waters seemingly out of picture, DC situation at G seems dire

    10) Romo seems to have Witten-like trust in Dez
  2. Staubacher

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    Would agree with these. Running game looks shaky after impressing vs Miami. Need Leary back
  3. Bizwah

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    I'm not sure about the running game. For it to struggle, you have to make the attempt. We were in the shotgun most of the time with Romo.
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    i hate the shotgun on 3rd and 1 smh. I hate seeing us go to pass mode. No play fake or nothing.
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    Our running game looked excellent the first game. That was also the game that Romo didn't play. I think we went into the game planning to run a lot since we didn't trust our backup QBs. It seems like whenever Romo is in, we go away from the run.
  6. Redball Express

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    .behind again

    ..and having to run the no-huddle to try to get things going..


    We're going to see alot of 3 and outs this year.
  7. Idgit

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    Man, I'm not a fan of JJT. DL and OG depth is going to look bad when you're down two DLs and two OGs. I guess it's fine to note that, but given those players will be back when the games start counting, it's sort of a silly observation.

    The other points are mostly no-brainers, except for the Tanney one. Personally, I'm trying to find a way to stash that guy. Very accurate and throwing under duress to WRs without a lot of separation. Good movement outside the pocket. Needs things to slow down, but he's got a lot you can work with if you give him some snaps. No duh, he's not going to replace Orton. The only sensible question is whether or not he shows enough to justify a third roster position at QB. He's right there on that borderline for me. I think there's a good chance we go short at WR or OL and make room for him.
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  8. Idgit

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    Dude, I think you're way, way off. This is an offense that can move the ball really effectively. The only interesting question is whether or not we're going to be more productive in the red zone finally.
  9. CowboyStar88

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    Honestly I hope we decide to keep Tanney I'm a bit worried about Orton. I agree Dez and Romo have a great deal of trust now which is good to see. Also I would add that Williams looks like a player IMO
  10. MichaelWinicki

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    How can you establish the run on 6 first-half carries?
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  11. MichaelWinicki

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    And I don't think the guard situation is as "dire" as this yawho is suggesting. This is Broaddus' take on Arkin's game:

    David Arkin[​IMG] – Coming into this game against the Cardinals, I thought it would be a very important afternoon for Arkin and the confidence level of the staff. With Arkin there has always been questions about his ability as a pass-blocker, and I thought today he was solid in that area. There was one time where he and tackle Tyron Smith[​IMG] didn't handle the twist stunt well and it allowed a pressure resulting in a holding call on Smith. In the running game, Arkin was able to hold his own without any major issues getting pushed back or just flat missing on a block. He was steady today and was able to handle his assignments without any issues.
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  12. newlander

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    EXACTLY....what a clownish statement: "the running game struggled''.....typical JJT drivel: they were obviously working on their very spotty passing game to no avail. Everyone on this forum rants and raves about our passing game: it's INSANELY inconsistent. Just schitzo........and has been for YEARS
  13. danielofthesaints

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    No DL Depth. Give me a break. To think these guys actually get paid to analyze and report Cowboys news and games. Ratliff, Hatcher, Ware, Spencer, Bass, Selvie, Hayden, Wilber. That's not bad depth.
  14. xwalker

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    To call JJT an idiot would be an insult to idiots.
  15. Bizwah

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    To no avail?


    I thought the passing game from the first team was great. Romo had great protection. He was hitting his spots. The back shoulder throw to Dez was beautiful. He missed a wide open TWill. No excuse...the need more time together. I don't think he misses Dez or Austin.

    Remember, the Cards blanked the Rogers led Packers last week. They aren't chopped liver.
  16. newlander

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    fair enough....they arent' chopped liver but we self destruct over and over's a recurring theme year in and year out. Has to end or it's gonna get blown up and REd will be gone. Fair or not, that's where it's headed. PROFESSIONAL football means not coughing it up like a 12 yr. old: WEAK today again....
  17. Picksix

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    I went back during the game and replayed a number of the running plays, usually to see who was beat. Arkin looked all right. Bernadeau I thought was hit or miss. Definitely need Leary back. And as much as I wouldn't like this, I think Costa at C and Fred at RG is a good possibility. But there's still a couple of PS games left. We'll see what happens.
  18. big dog cowboy

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    As usual, I agree with less than half of what he says. If he weren't a card carrying member of the Dallas Cowboys Hater Club it would be different.
  19. Bizwah

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    I guess I just don't get the despair over a preseason game. Sure, we may find ourselves struggling again in the regular season. But right now, I think we're looking ok. Nothing to be afraid of. Last year, Romo was blasted his first three snaps and Witten was almost killed. I was worried then.
  20. dogberry

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    What's the system? Do we already have a first draft of our game plan against the Giants? Do we avoid showing anything in preseason games that we will use that night?

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