JJT gets props for latest Romo article

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. cowboyjoe

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    Dailey Markham‏@daileymarkham

    @JJT_ESPNDallas Gr8 article. People can't handle the truth. I love Tony and think he CAN win a SB but you're spot-on on how he would do so.
  2. Phoenix

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    What article.
  3. Wolfpack

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    I didnt see it but I guess it would be: get him an OL and at least the threat of a running game.
  4. ufcrules1

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  5. Woods

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    spot on. basically what he wrote.
  6. ufcrules1

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    Well, basically Romo would have to have a team around him that could carry him to the superbowl.
  7. pugilist

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    hack journalism at its finest
  8. jjktkk

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    Over exaggerate much? Romo needs more help, but to say hes a Trent Dilfer type, is going overboard, to say the least.
  9. randy932

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    Tony Romo = 100% coach killer.
  10. perrykemp

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    I don't agree with the entire article and I don't blame all the Cowboys troubles on Tony Romo, however, do agree 100% with this sentence from the article:

    "At 32 after nine seasons and 93 starts in his career, it's fair to assume Romo will be a gunslinger until the day he retires."
  11. ufcrules1

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    Yup, he just can't be trusted. You never know what you are going to get with him. How can you trust a QB like that? I would hate to be the coach of a team with Romo being my QB. JG had to second guess himself in 2011 against the Pats. He wouldn't dare let Romo try to throw for the first down to run out the time against the Pats. Instead 3 straight running plays and then punt to a real QB and let him beat us.
  12. juck

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    Good Article. I think you gotta make him a game manager. The star on offense has to be the RB and the Oline. He cant and never will be a Brady,etc...He doesn't have that type of skill.And mentally he cannot be the man.
  13. Coy

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    This. I think we all should know by now that Romo cannot carry his team to the SB, he is not, Brady, Manning, Brees or Rodgers but he is far from being Dilfer, Delhomme etc.
    IMO opinion he falls in the range of Eli and Big Ben, although both of them have been clutch when it matters most and Tony hasn´t they sure wouldn´t have won SB’s without top notch Defenses and good running games. Now he needs to prove it, stats mean nothing, but we all have to agree on this one, he needs a better team around him, that´s for sure.
  14. Aikmaniac

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    Solid. Keep posting.
  15. Dhragon

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    egads, JTT says it's all Romo's fault, then goes about listing errors/mistakes/deficiencies of the team around Romo then moans about the QB again and how he'll get more coaches in trouble.

    IMO, Romo has proven he can't carry a bad team with bad coaching on his back to the playoffs. When he tries too hard, he has mental breakdowns and isn't perfect, often leading to badly timed turnovers, which often loses the game because the rest of the team can't compensate for usually even one QB mistake much less multiple ones.

    Give Tony an O-line and sound coaching. Then if he still "chokes", I'll stop defending the guy and feel sorry for the poor coaches he gets fired.

    Headline news - JTT is not a very good writer.
  16. bbailey423

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    Tom Brady would not be Tom Brady behind this OL. Playing in behind an OL like this in the NFC East. Playing for the architect of this offense. And playing with WRs who you still have to tell where to line up. Notice how much of a non factor Ocho Cinco was in New England? Being able to run fast is not enough.

    Not saying Romo is in the same league as Brady. But like Parcells used to say "They all look the same when you put pressure on them". Remember that 18-0 season the Pats had. How did they look in the Super Bowl when Brady had someone in his face on a consistent basis? THat is Romo's life week in and week out!
  17. CIWhitefish

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    My take away from the article is that Dallas should not be putting so much on Tony and I agree. He's a top notch quarterback but Dallas puts so much on Tony that any mistake he makes costs us dearly. Fix the trenches and you help Tony. A better O line allows us to run more and a better D line means we don't have to play catch up all the time. The way we are constructed now it's almost all on Tony and I agree he can't take that over 16 games.
  18. Wolfpack

    Wolfpack Well-Known Member

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    Was Elway a coach killer? Did he need a running game to win a SB?
  19. randy932

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    Not this tired old myth.

    Romo led his team to the playoffs twice in high school, they promptly lost each time.

    Romo led his team to the playoffs twice in college, they promptly lost both times.

    Romo led his team to the playoffs once with a HOF coach in the NFL, and they promptly lost.

    Romo led his NFL team to the NFL playoffs twice more and both times lost quickly, finally winning one game against the overmatched Eagles.

    In the last two years, Romo led his team to a win or go home final game of the season, they went home both times.

    Yet, the Romo worshippers refuse to believe that Romo is what history has shown repeatedly he truly is, a Jonah, a coach killer, a lifelong loser when the chips are truly down.

    The Romopologists think that he needs a different coach, or better teammates or a better system. He has proven he will lose regardless of how good of a coach he has, whatever scheme he is in, and in spite of having 12 pro-bowlers surrounding him.

    This is not opinion. This is undeniable facts.
  20. Ntegrase96

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    I think this article is enlightened but still fails to admit the problem.

    You cannot overcome your QBs mistakes in the face of adversity. A better defense will not help Romo read defenses better. A better OL will not keep Romo from throwing that last int against the Redskins.

    Granted, if you're ahead in the game because said defense and OL have been blowing the other team up, then there is no issue. But in this parity filled league, the Cowboys will face adversity at some point, and most likely that adversity will rear its ugly head against the best teams in the biggest games.

    We have to move on from Romo or he has to learn how to not choke (maybe take some beta blockers? I dunno). Nothing that Romo has done thus far in his career has convinced me that he will do that.

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