JJT gets props for latest Romo article

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jan 16, 2013.

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    Your mistake is in believing that I went back to his High School days in order to bash him. I did not. I went back to his High School Days in order to thoroughly search for his achievements. I have honestly posted them. I posted them in order to try to make the point that you cannot continue to state that he has never had quality help, ever. He had teams that were good enough to get to the cusp of the playoffs at least 9 times in his entire career. He has had HOF bound coach, he has had teams with 8 and 12 probowlers beside himself on it. He has had defenses that were rated higher than the team that his team lost to. He has also had some subpar teams as well. Bottom line is that I am a firm believer that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Romo has often led a team to the cusp of, or into, the playoffs. He has NEVER had any success other than one first round playoff win against Philly. Is the past a guarantor of what the future will bring? No it is not. But it is the way the smart money is bet.
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    Thanks for admitting it was Romo's fault we lost the Washington game. That is impressive from a huge Romo fan. I know how hard that is to admit when you really like a certain player. In fact, there are a few others Romopologists here that didn't see him as the weakest link in that game and I'm not sure how that can be when millions of people saw him self destruct in primetime. His first 2 interceptions were BEFORE the defense gave up a ton of rushing yards. Anyway, we can move on from that topic.

    You are right in that Jerry is the main reason this team sucks as bad as it does though. He is a horrible GM that meddles way too much. He gets infatuated with certain players and will not give up on them or trade them when they are no longer of value to us. He has absolutely ruined this team and the culture around here and turned the stadium into a circus. Sadly I don't see it changing anytime soon. We would just literally have to get amazingly lucky in the draft to where our talent could overcome what he has done to the team. I don't see it happening though. Also, I don't see any real good coaches wanting to coach Dallas because they know JJ is going to try to over ride them on their decisions. especially big decisions. A good coach needs full power over his team and that is not going to happen if Jerry is in control.
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    Truth ^^
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    I thought in 2007 we blew a great chance. There was enough talent, no doubt, to make a deep run.
    We lost to the eventual SB Champs who were starting to play good ball, while we were doing one of those December fade jobs.

    Don't know what you're talking about with those other years. Maybe his 1st season as a starter with the muffed special teams play by him. But "9 times"...wth are you talking about?

    He's had a couple of teams, maybe 3, in his whole career to maybe advance some....never really win it all. Even 2007, the best team was New England--and I think they would have beaten the Giants 3 of 4. jmo.
    That's it.

    I guess the worst thing about people like you and ufc is you always say "he" lost the game instead of the team. But you give the team (not him) credit to get to the "cusp" as you say, but then you give him (not the team) the blame if they don't go even further.

    It's a clear double standard. How can you not see that?

    I'm not a Romo is awesome or is "top 5" type fan...far from it. But I do think he's one of the best players on the team and fully capable of doing what we need him to do.

    But this is wasted time for both of us.
    I agree to disagree.
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    3 years to the playoffs in the NFL.

    2 years to the final game , win or go home game, of the season.

    2 years to playoffs in college.

    2 years in high school.

    That is nine times.

    I did not say he lost the game.

    I truthfully stated that the teams that he led, lost the game. Whatever the reason is, every team he has led into the playoffs, or to the cusp of the playoffs, has lost (except for the one playoff win against Philly). Is he the reason? is he too dumb? Is he too indecisive? Is his arm too weak? Is he simply a Jonah for his team? I don't know the answer for certain. One thing I AM certain of is that out of nine legit stabs at it, it was not because he had an inferior team or had inferior coaching each and every time, as is portrayed by many.

    I am perfectly fine with agreeing to disagree.
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    Yeah, at the end of the day, call it what you want, Romo sucks, bad luck, poor coaching, etc. The fact is, we are not winning with him. That Washington game was a typical high pressure choke game for Romo. Remember, the QB handles the ball on EVERY single snap. You can say team this and team that all you want but the QB plays a big role in a teams success or failures. Romo PROVED that in the Washington game when he hung his team out to dry.
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    We agree that going all the way back to HS and college is a bit crazy.

    But if you are going to do it, then let's check the facts.
    In HS there were zero chances., not two. The team was not even in the position to be win and advance becasue they stunk. They had been just been moved to a bigger conference....they were not even really competitive and had a losing record.
    So subtract 2.

    In college they were twice in all or nothing final game situations to win their conference and they won both times. But you don't mention that.
    Then, yes, they go to the national playoffs and lose. Unless a teams wins the national title, the season will always end in a loss if they make the playoffs.

    But his HS and college stuff is so far removed ....

    Then the Philly playoff game win...
    I'm not sure if you count the final week Philly game to win the division and get 1st round home game or not. If so, thats another win.

    Now, other than maybe the weird loss at Seattle with BP as coach, I'm trying to think of one time where Dallas had the better team on game day.
    Maybe...maybe in 2007 vs the Giants. But that's hard to argue because they were getting that dline in order and starting to roll...and went on to win it all.

    It should be better than it has been, he does not get off scot free here.
    But there have been limited times where he was the reason the team did not do better overall.

    I'll drop out of this thread for now if that's ok.

    I do understand your pain, btw.
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    The biggest problem with this team is not Romo, or any one facet. The problem is that neither the defense, offense or special teams are consistent over a 16 game season. The reason we are 8-8 or 9-7 is because of the constant roller coaster this team has rode since Parcells showed up. One week the defense is great, next 3 weeks it disappears. Same with the offense and special teams. You win Super Bowls with a consistent team. We have way too many penalties each week to ever be more than a wild card team. Players not knowing assignments, players not knowing when to be on or off the field. These are the reasons we are where we are. You can have all of the talented players you want, if they are not consistent for an entire season, you have what we have now. This team will not get any better until the penalties are cut down and each unit plays at a consistent level each and every week. You can't beat the Giants in Week 1 and then not show up for 2 weeks and expect to be a playoff team and win the Super Bowl. Then spend the entire second half of the season with your back against the wall and have to win out. This organization has had the same fundamental flaws on each team since Jimmy left. It started with Switzer and has gotten progressively worst each year. Blaming Romo is wrong. He is a symptom of the overall problem. How many times has Witten jumped off sides to stall or kill a drive? He is a HOF tight end. How many times has Ware done it? HOF LB. This team lacks focus from play to play, game to game. I have no idea what the solution is, but all of these things are symptoms...the bigger solution is out there somewhere....at some point it will show up.
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    Romo is far from the only thing wrong with this team, I agree.

    But how much help does Romo really need to be successful? We clearly cannot have dominance in every position, so the real question is what would help him the most?

    A solid or opportunistic defense? An all pro offensive line? Better play calling?

    Personally I don't think any of these things are the answer. They would help, but they do not cure Romo's biggest ailment-- his mental fortitude in big game /big situations.

    We can 'hold his hand' so to speak by playing better in all facets of the game, but eventually adversity will find the person who holds the ball the most. And believe me, we would have to overcome adversity to do anything significant.

    I don't look at it as how far Romo can carry us, but how far Romo can go himself. We are limited by his limitations.

    Which means, while we may suck more without him, we're not going anywhere with him unless he somehow transforms this 'choking' aspect of himself... and I'm not holding my breath.
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    Romo needs mental help. :laugh2:

    This QB is responsible for the week 17 loss. Did you see his last INT? It was Farve-like. I've seen rookies (this year) NOT make the mistakes Romo (a 9 year vet) makes.
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    I liked your post, Would a Bill Belichick team or any good coached team have this problems? You have your answer.
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    That's pretty much it. Romo is always good for a few boneheaded games a year. He also is good for a few great games a year. Thus we are 8-8. I don't think he will ever change. He is what he is.
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    You mean like Manning's play in his last game. Yeah, that was painful to watch.
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    I guess Peyton Manning needs mental help too because his throw was even worse.
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    Do you think this team wins the Washington game if we had Eli at QB?
  16. ufcrules1

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    100% think we would have won that game with Eli on that particular night. The Redskins defense DID NOT play a good game against us. Romo was afforded enough time to throw the ball for the majority of that night he was just majorly off and that is normal for Romo in big games.

    I think we would have won that game with a lot of QB's to be honest. Do you think we would have won the game with Russell Wilson at QB? How about Andrew Luck or Colin Kaepernick?

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