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    Higher hopes: Cowboys got a taste, want more
    09:37 PM CDT on Saturday, July 24, 2004

    By JEAN-JACQUES TAYLOR / The Dallas Morning News

    IRVING – Last year, the Cowboys acquired Richie Anderson, Terry Glenn and Ryan Young, who taught their teammates what coach Bill Parcells expected from them.

    Now, the Cowboys are adding players such as Keyshawn Johnson, Vinny Testaverde and Eddie George, who will teach their teammates how to win.

    Johnson has earned a Super Bowl ring. George nearly willed Tennessee to a Super Bowl win over St. Louis, and Testaverde has led a team to the AFC Championship Game.

    They've made millions. Now, rings drive them.

    "The objective here is to win," George said. "Everything I've heard from the team is that they want to win."

    That's the Parcells way.

    After three consecutive 5-11 seasons, Dallas went 10-6 and earned a playoff berth in Parcells' first year as Cowboys coach.

    So it should come as no surprise that expectations have risen around the club's Valley Ranch training complex. And on message boards where devoted Cowboys fans share their wildest dreams. And on sports talk radio where the airwaves are filled with optimism.

    This is the time to dream.

    In five days, the players report to training camp, and their first practice is Saturday.

    This time of year every team has a chance to win the Super Bowl. This time of year every personnel move brings optimism.

    This isn't the time to fret over Philadelphia's addition of star players such as defensive end Jevon Kearse or wide receiver Terrell Owens. And it's no time to wonder if coach Joe Gibbs is the tonic to restore Washington to its glory days.

    "Any team can get to the Super Bowl, if you get hot at the right time. That's what Carolina did last year," Pro Bowl safety Roy Williams said. "We have a good vibe. There are no jealousies. We're like a family.

    "It's good to be around a lot of guys that love to play the game. You can see it in their eyes how much it means to them. I know Bill's expectations are real high. No one wants to see him disappointed."

    George, released last week by Tennessee, joined the Cowboys two days ago. George said he wanted to play for the Cowboys because he expects them to win.

    "Dallas is a team that I felt was under the radar," George said. "They made the playoffs last year, and they've had a taste of success. When that happens, coming into that next off-season, I know that makes you work that much harder.

    "They surprised a lot of people last year, and they're doing all the things they can do to bring in the right people with the right attitude to win and help this organization cross over to the next level."

    History suggests the Cowboys will make the playoffs this year.

    After all, every NFL team Parcells has coached has advanced to the playoffs in his second season.

    There are also tangible reasons to be optimistic about the Cowboys' ability to at least equal last season's record.

    Quincy Carter passed for 3,305 yards last season with 17 touchdowns and 21 interceptions. More importantly, he will have the same head coach, offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach in consecutive seasons for the first time as a pro.

    Owner Jerry Jones expects that to translate into success.

    Then there are the additions of Johnson and George.

    Each fits snugly into the ball-control style offense that Parcells and offensive coordinator Maurice Carthon prefer.

    The Cowboys expect George to get 12-15 carries a game and dramatically improve their short-yardage and goal-line offense.

    Jones said when he and George shook hands in front of the Cowboys' five Super Bowl trophies Friday, the message was clear – they need to put a sixth trophy in the case for George.

    But the owner is also realistic.

    He knows this team remains flawed.

    There are important questions concerning each starter on the offensive line, except left tackle Flozell Adams.

    There are questions about whether Pete Hunter can handle right cornerback. There are questions about whether Darren Woodson's back will allow him to play at a high level, if at all this season.

    And there are questions about whether Carter will erase any doubt that he's the quarterback of the future.

    So Jones tempers his enthusiasm.

    "I think we're going to be a better team, but whether we have a better record or not than last year remains to be seen," Jones said. "Like all fans, last year's success has enhanced my enthusiasm.

    "We have real tangible reasons that we can point to that show why we're a better team than we were last year, but we could still easily have quite a challenge to get to 10 wins."

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