News: JJT: If Drew's too good to be true, wait 'til preseason

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    Is this a repost?

    Jean-Jacques Taylor: If Drew's too good to be true, wait 'til preseason
    04:38 AM CDT on Friday, April 30, 2004

    Jean-Jacques Taylor
    Inside Valley Ranch

    Drew Henson gets unveiled this weekend when the Cowboys have their only rookie mini-camp of the off-season.

    Henson, acquired to be the Cowboys' quarterback of the future, will spend this weekend throwing passes and handing the ball off under the watchful gaze of the media.

    There will be a bevy of reports about the beautiful deep ball he throws. Or the amazing arm strength. Or the confidence he appeared to have on the field.

    None of that really matters.

    You can't get caught up in the Underwear Olympics. If Henson doesn't look good this weekend, then he will never, ever look good.

    Henson's true test won't come until the preseason begins. That's when we'll start to find out just how good he can be.

    He has spent the last three years trying to hit the curveball and play third base in the New York Yankees organization, so he shouldn't be expected to dominate in the preseason. But he should expect to flash his talent.

    That means at some point when he's on the field, he should do something that causes a gasp. He should show something - a pass or a run - that speaks to his athleticism and his potential. Again, you won't see that this weekend. And that's OK.


    Q. It was only a fair draft. The Cowboys got some decent linemen but should have kept the 22nd pick and gotten a better runner. I would rather the Cowboys took their five original picks higher in the draft.

    Alan Beasley

    TAYLOR: I won't argue your point, but I will say that you just never know how the draft is going to turn out. Two years ago we thought Dallas had a great draft when they took Andre Gurode and Antonio Bryant in the second round and Derek Ross in the third round. Gurode and Bryant might not even be here next season if they don't play well, and Ross already has been released. You can't get too high or low with the draft. Who really knows whether this is going to be a great draft or a horrible one? All you can do is try to get good value when you make the pick.


    Q. If Bill Parcells truly agreed with those draft-day decisions, then I think he really believes he is a lot better then he is. I don't believe he could pass up five good picks for eight maybe picks in spite of the 2005 first-round pick the Cowboys received from Buffalo. What do you think?

    TAYLOR: Again, you're not going to know about this draft for a few years. I only had a problem with taking Bruce Thornton in the fourth round. He's a good athlete, but he seems to be the type of player that they could've taken in the sixth or seventh round. Nate Rogers and Patrick Crayton were drafted because they're kick returners, and Parcells wants to upgrade that area. Jacques Reeves is a big, fast corner who played at a Big Ten school. There's nothing wrong with that in the seventh round.


    Q. Now that the draft is over, how do the Cowboys match up against their division foes?

    Jeffrey Royster

    TAYLOR: I'd say they're the third-best team in the division. Philadelphia, which has been to the last three NFC Championship Games, improved by adding receiver Terrell Owens and defensive end Jevon Kearse. I think they're the team to beat again. Washington got better with running back Clinton Portis, quarterback Mark Brunell, linebacker Micheal Barrow and safety Sean Taylor, the first defensive player selected in the draft. New York helped itself by hiring Tom Coughlin. He has a good offensive mind, and he will help the Giants get the most out of their talent. Eli Manning will make mistakes like all rookies, but look at the cast they have surrounded him: running back Tiki Barber, tight end Jeremy Shockey and receiver Amani Toomer. Dallas could have a better team this season and a worse record. Don't be shocked if it happens.


    Q. Early on in free agency, all of the reports out of Valley Ranch said not to panic over the lack of activity by the Cowboys. Do the Cowboys realize they royally screwed up, and their so-called patience has backfired? Are we talking about a 6-10 or 7-9 season? Sounds like it to me.

    Paul Hoffman, Manitowoc, Wis.

    TAYLOR: The Cowboys screwed up. I don't know if they want to admit it or not, but they did. They need a better cornerback than Pete Hunter penciled in as the starter. That doesn't mean Pete won't or can't play well. But he hasn't done it, so I don't believe he will. I'm old-fashioned. You have to prove you can play before I give you some love. That said, Parcells knew exactly what he was doing when he decided he didn't want to pay any upper-echelon cornerback an average of $5 million per year. If Hunter works out, it was a prudent move. If not, I'll be ripping that decision. Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if Dallas added some type of veteran cornerback in training camp when someone gets cut.


    Q. What exactly has Bill Parcells been doing since his famous "I will leave no stones unturned" speech. At best, the Cowboys came away with one starter out of seven selections, and he will have to beat out Troy Hambrick to get that. I am really befuddled about this year's draft? Am I speaking too soon?

    Sam Berhanu, Washington, D.C.

    TAYLOR: Yes, you are overreacting to the draft. Here's what the Cowboys hope they got from the draft: a starter at running back (Julius Jones) and right tackle (Jacob Rogers), key backups at guard (Stephen Peterman) and tight end (Sean Ryan) and a starting kick returner (Nate Rogers or Patrick Crayton). Bruce Thornton, the fourth-rounder, needs to be an above-average special teams player. When I evaluate the Cowboys' draft, the only thing I evaluate is whether their reasoning behind the pick made sense. Now, you can argue back and forth about whether it was a good decision, but as long as their reasoning was sound, I don't have a problem.


    Q. Steven Jackson is a great replacement for Emmitt Smith no matter what the organization wants to tell us. I just hope that their decision was in the best interest of the organization, not Mr. Jones' pocket book.

    Justin Thomas, Portland, Ore.

    TAYLOR: Actually, money didn't have anything to do with this. Frankly, Jerry has always been more than generous when it comes to shelling out cash for players. I don't think it bothers him at all as long as the guys can play. But just for the record, the Cowboys had Kevin Jones as the top runner in the draft - not Jackson. Jackson was never a part of their plan.


    Q. Do you really think the Cowboys will pick up Kerry Collins? He already stated that he wants to be a starter wherever he goes. Though I do think Collins can become the starter that they need, would it be worth it to start up the quarterback controversy again?

    Scott Julian, San Jose, Calif.

    TAYLOR: I really don't know if Collins is coming to Dallas. If he does, it won't be because Dallas broke the bank to get him. The Cowboys might offer him $1 million or $1.5 with some incentives, but he's not going to get a huge bonus or a long-term deal. As for his desire to be a starter, where does he walk in and start? Oakland? The Raiders have Rich Gannon. San Francisco? They have Tim Rattay, but Collins would definitely compete. Almost every other team already has a starter or a young guy they're committed to.


    Q. Are the Cowboys going to go after Green Bay cornerback Mike McKenzie?

    Letanya Gutierrez

    TAYLOR: I talked to Jerry Jones about that this week, and he said Dallas wasn't interested. McKenzie has been a good player in Green Bay, but he wants a fat deal that Dallas isn't willing to pay. Of course, they reserve the right to change their minds, if Pete Hunter fails to perform well in training camp.


    Q. Did I read correctly that Dallas tried trading up in the first round to get Kevin Jones?

    Doug Ray

    TAYLOR: I haven't been able to confirm that, but I have heard rumblings that Dallas wanted to get Jones at about 20 but didn't want to give up a second-round pick to do it because it would've compromised their ability to get Jacob Rogers or any other tackle capable of starting this year.


    Q. How soon, in this real world, will Drew Henson be ready to take charge?

    John Whatley

    TAYLOR: It's really too early to give you a definitive answer. But I can say that we'll get an idea in preseason whether he's capable of starting at some point this season. The Cowboys want him to spend a year adapting to the NFL and then compete for a starting job in 2005.


    Q. Do you think Randal Williams will ever reach his potential and be the field-stretcher he's capable of now that Joey Galloway is gone?

    Mike Bronzini, Grants Pass, Ore.

    TAYLOR: That's a good question. I do know Dallas likes him, and he will get the opportunity. It's up to him to perform in the preseason games and in the season when he gets a chance. He did well in practice during training camp but struggled in the games. At this point of his career, he must produce in the preseason to ensure an opportunity to play in the regular season. He could be a difference-maker for Dallas.


    Q. You recently mentioned that you think the Cowboys have a plan for this off-season, but you just don't like it. Do you like their plan more or less after last weekend's draft?

    Manuel Guemez, Mexico City

    TAYLOR: The plan is better because now they have a starter at running back and right tackle. I still don't like their situation at cornerback, but I wouldn't be surprised if they added a veteran before the season starts. I love the No. 1 pick they got from Buffalo. The Cowboys will do some damage in the draft next year.

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    Ugh. He must not have watched any NYG games except perhaps the Dal/NYG games last year. NY will be lucky to get 5 wins this year..
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    No kidding!! Unless Amani can cover and Eli can tackle, they are going to suck this year!
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    You can add "unless Tiki can hold on to the ball" to that list.
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    i think he has Phily > Wash > Dallas > NYG
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    The comment I made in an earlier thread about JJT being worse at covering Cowboys news than Spag is underscored by this Q & A. He choose some pretty ignorant and opinionated emails to repond to from all the ones he must receive.

    The only news in the whole piece was that he believes JJ's assertion that Mackenzie is too costly for the Cowboys--which I view skeptically as planned misinformation by JJ planted with JJT to inhibit his and GB's demands---we'll see.

    The Henson points in the early responses is distressing because the one thing I do want from the Cowboy writers is a trained-eye assessment of Henson's skills and mechanics now.

    I can't be there but they can be. Don't tell me to wait til August to know if the guy has command of the huddle, can take a snap without mishandling things, sees secondary recievers well, picks up the offense quickly, sets up fast and what the receivers say after practice in confidence---that's what the writers are supposed to come up with by Monday.

    As a Quincy-at-all-costs guy JJT is already setting up to undercut anything positive coming out of this week's camp about Henson, I'm sorry to point that out but an impoving and mature Quincy Carter or a fast-adapting Henson is what I'm rooting for during the off-season. I just want a championship QB to emerge.
    A little help from the beat writers please.
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    Wow. talk about a wet blanket. I hope he does look good and everyone raves about it. After this off season we could use some good news. Our offseason signings have been ok but not stellar compared to what we thought and out draft was anti-climatic. So yeah, I hope we get all excited about the underware olympics.
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    other than Jennifer whatever-her-name-is, Dallas papers (that i'm aware of) are completely lacking in quality sports writers. what a shame the #2 franchise in sports (#1 is the Yankees) is covered by such rinky-dink amateurs. :(
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    That can't be wanted to move up to get KJ at 20, but we didn't want him at 22??? He had to mean a lower 20's, like 28?26?
  10. LaTunaNostra

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    Fave JJT quote here.

    I'm old-fashioned too. Until a team proves it cannot do as well or better than it did the previous year, I will not bash it.

    This guy seems incapable of taking a holistic approach, a team view. Even teams that greatly improve (on paper) many of their positions in the offseason, go into a new season with at least one slot more iffy than the year before.

    JJT reminds me of fantasy football geek in love with big names and stats, an approach that compartmentalizes a team from the sum of its parts into a who- has-more-stars p*ssing contest.

    And of course Henson is going to do something to make us go "ahh". Is going to do them right off the bat, and do them consistently. He is a franchise QB, and he is going to knock socks off from Day One.

    JJT mentioned last week he knows the future is Drew.

    The only one that can hold that off is Quincy.

    Not JJT. Or his short-sighted pessimism.

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    I think you underestimate there new coaching staff. They will have problems with a rookie QB but make no mistake, those boys will be ready to play.
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    i don't.... great staff but will be a hard sell to the vets. being in giant-country i see a whole lot of problems on the team that should be obvious. problems everywhere but TE & passrushing really. it is a concensus opinion around here the gints will stuggle for 6 wins (hence fan annoyance at trading next years #1 - they'd rather have given up this years #2 figuring a top-10 pick again next season).

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