News: JJT: Legit competition makes Parcells teams better

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    Jean-Jacques Taylor: Legit competition makes Parcells teams better
    04:56 PM CDT on Tuesday, June 8, 2004

    Jean-Jacques Taylor
    Inside Valley Ranch

    It's now clear why teams coached by Bill Parcells win once he improves the talent level.

    He forces every player to compete every day.

    At practice. In the weight room. In meetings.

    Competing becomes a way of life for every player, which makes it easier to compete on Sundays.

    There is no caste system with Parcells; the best players play.

    Money and draft pedigree are irrelevant.

    That approach forces starters to play at a high level because they know Parcells won't hesitate to play backups. That approach forces backups to raise their play because they know that if they outperform the incumbent starter, they can become starters.

    And when everyone is competing at a high level every day, it makes the games easier on Sunday because the practices have been so hard.

    A lot of coaches talk about the best players play, but that's not really the case.

    Most coaches get seduced by the amount of zeros on a player's check. Or the number of Pro Bowls next to his name.

    They say a starter can't lose his job because of injury.

    To that, Parcells says "hogwash."

    Dexter Coakley isn't happy that he must fend off Bradie James to keep his starting job, but it will make him a better player. And it tells James and every other backup that if you work hard in the offseason, Parcells will reward you with opportunity.

    Quincy Carter isn't thrilled he must compete for his starting job with Vinny Testaverde, but he welcomes the challenge because he knows it will ultimately make him a better player.

    Then there's right guard Andre Gurode, who was benched for a game last year.

    He held the upper hand last year because Parcells didn't really have a viable candidate to replace him.

    He does now, whether it's third-round pick Stephen Peterman or a host of free agents trying to make the club.

    Parcells has options and Gurode knows it.

    He'll either thrive or wilt. Either way, it will make the Cowboys a better team.


    Q. I think it would really be in the best interest of the Cowboys to bring in a proven runner such as Antoine Smith or somebody of that caliber to serve in a backup role. What if Julius Jones is not the real deal or if he gets hurt early in the year? While it's really sweet and politically correct to hear you and officials at Valley Ranch talk about the "potential" of Eric Bickerstaff and Rashard Lee, let's be perfectly honest, THEY HAVE NONE!

    Jason Caldwell, Dallas

    TAYLOR: I disagree. In today's NFL, you can't have viable, proven backups at every position. At some point, you must give young players an opportunity to prove they can play in the NFL. What if Jones doesn't get hurt? Then you've spent a chunk of money on an aging, average player like Smith, who doesn't play special teams. If Jones gets hurt, then you get a real chance to find out if Bickerstaff or Lee can play. If so, then you have a gem. If not, they get cut and you start the search again.


    Q. The Cowboys have never recovered since the glory days of the '90s at tight end and defensive end. It looks like Jason Witten might be the next Jay Novacek. I like the addition of Marcellus Wiley, but the other side with Greg Ellis there is suspect at best. Any remedies or solutions on the horizon, or do we have to wait until next year's draft?

    Ron Guerra, Santa Monica, Calif.

    TAYLOR: Dallas isn't drafting any defensive ends anytime soon. They'll be looking for a big, nasty defensive tackle in the draft. I think you're missing the boat on Greg Ellis. Is he a great player? No. But is he one of the more consistent players on the team and in the league? Absolutely. Every player is not a star. But you win with players such as Ellis. New England has a roster full of Greg Ellises, solid professionals who earn their paycheck every Sunday.


    Q. Vinny Testaverde has been brought in to compete for the starting QB job. Wouldn't "conspiracy theorists" say that this is Bill and Jerry's way of gently moving Quincy Carter out of the way to usher in the Drew Henson era in 2005?

    Artis Carrol, Chicago

    TAYLOR: I wouldn't. What's wrong with competing for the starting job? Quincy will have to re-evaluate his career if he can't beat out 40-year-old Vinny Testaverde. The one thing you know with Parcells is that it will be a fair competition without a hint of personal agenda. Under those circumstances, Carter wins the job and starts Sept. 12 against Minnesota.


    Q. I want Quincy to win the job at QB. I like him, I love the work ethic, I love how far he has come. But I have no idea why you are so inclined to just hand the job over to him.

    Jason Harter

    TAYLOR: I don't know when I've handed the job to Carter. I will admit that I don't think you just put Quincy on the bench and give the job to any player who can walk into the locker room. Quincy improved last year. Now, he needs to make another significant step in his development. If he does, I think he can be a solid NFL quarterback. I don't know how good he can be - no one really does - but if guys such as Jeff Blake, Rick Mirer and Jason Garrett can play more than 10 years in this league, don't tell me Carter doesn't belong in the NFL.


    Q. While I think Testaverde could help this team, I just wonder how the conclusion is drawn that he is familiar with the offense. What are the facts that support this?

    Steven T. Hendley

    TAYLOR: It's really pretty simple. The Cowboys are using the same basic offense that Parcells used in New York when Vinny was the quarterback. Some of the terminology is different, but the philosophical approach is the same. For a 17-year veteran like Vinny, that makes it pretty easy to grasp the offense.


    Q. Well gosh darn, Jean-Jacques, here it is on June 9 and now Quincy has only a 2-1 advantage (your odds not mine) over Vinny for starting the opener. Well maybe Mr. Parcells is not as hot for Quincy as you thought. Hopes are that Vinny is here to play and teach as well. Maybe he can resurrect some of Mr. Carter's malfunctioning brain cells.

    Mart M. Thomas Jr.

    TAYLOR: Quincy should be the starting quarterback. He shouldn't have any problem beating out Testaverde. But the reality is that you never truly know how someone will respond to pressure until they do it. He excelled in that role last year in training camp, and I expect Carter to do it again. Parcells brought Vinny here to be a backup, although he promised to let him compete for the starting job. In his heart of hearts, Parcells doesn't expect Testaverde to win the job. But he provides a wonderful insurance policy in case Carter falters or gets hurt. Testaverde seems to be a really nice guy, but the reality is that he went 2-5 as a starter last year and the Jets struggled to score with him in the lineup. Does the thought of him starting really excite you?


    Q. Is there any possibility of the Cowboys getting new uniforms when they arrive in a new stadium? As much as I love them, their uniforms are getting a little tiresome.

    Chad Tidwell, Illinois

    TAYLOR: I don't know. You're treading on tradition. Then again, the owner is never that opposed to making money with a new marketing ploy. Dallas might come up with an alternative uniform, but I don't know that there's a timetable for it.


    Q. Do you really think it is a distinct possibility that the Cowboys might keep four quarterbacks on their roster this year?

    Michael Ward, Arlington, Va.

    TAYLOR: I don't think so. I asked Bill Parcells that same question the other day and he said he would consider it, if the fourth quarterback had that much value. Still, Parcells said he had never come close to keeping four quarterbacks. I can't see him doing it this year unless Romo is just dynamite in training camp and the preseason.


    Q. I saw Trung Canidate was cut loose by the Redskins. If the money is right, will Parcells churn the roster to get an improvement over Aveion Cason?

    TAYLOR: I don't think Candidate fits what Parcells wants to do. He fumbles, he's not a tough runner and he doesn't catch the ball as well as you might think he does or should. Plus, he's not a factor on special teams.

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    It's nice to see JJT is privy to the inner workings of Parcells heart and mind when it comes to our QB situation. :rolleyes:
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    i disagree when jjt says they won't be drafting any DE's any time soon. it may not be a huge need right now but if wiley isn't the wiley of old then you can bet we'll be looking for a DE.
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    I wish JJT had some competition
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    Get a rope.

    Someone in Illinois go find Mr. Tidwell and tell him the hangman is coming.
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    Haha... don't know why, but that got a good chuckle out of me.

    This meaningless response was brought to you by Marcus
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    You're 100% right Hos.

    Anyone that wants to change the nicest looking uniform in the NFL should be tied to Nors and made to recite Einstein's Theory of the "3-4".
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    you are a hijacker of threads - ***? what is your obsession of dragging threads down with adverserial 3-4 posts - off topic. I know - good morning.

    See Ogobu news today - moving to standup LB..........

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