News: JJT: Parcells wants to rely less on veterans

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    Coach trying to expand roles of younger players during minicamp

    IRVING – Bill Parcells would like to reduce the playing time of several key veterans. Sometimes, that means changing their roles.

    That's why Richie Anderson has done little in the club's three-day minicamp and will be the Cowboys' third-down back this season.

    That's also why second-year linebacker Bradie James is getting an opportunity to compete with linebacker Dexter Coakley for a starting job. And why Parcells would like to cut the number of plays defensive tackle La'Roi Glover participates in each week.

    "I'm hoping Bradie can make a contribution on defense and, in reality, that should help Dexter," Parcells said. "It really should, because he's not going to have to be an every-down guy.

    "Once players can get to where they accept not being an every-down player, but understand they're still good players and contributors, they can sustain careers for another two to three years."

    Anderson, who led the team with 69 catches last season, has lost nearly 10 pounds to prepare for his new role.

    He'll also be playing halfback. He's played fullback much of his career.

    "I told him it's going to be less fullback and more carrying the ball and more third downs," Parcells said. "I just want to keep him propped up until September."

    Parcells is hoping the emergence of Daleroy Stewart and development of Leo Carson will lead to Glover participating in fewer plays.

    "I would like to take a little pressure off of Glover as an every-down player," Parcells said. "If I could, it would prolong his career."

    Briefly: Defensive tackles coach Kacey Rodgers missed his third day of practice (appendicitis). ... Defensive tackle Leo Carson is practicing once a day to ensure his surgically repaired knee doesn't have any setbacks. ... Although coach Bill Parcells said he reserves the right to change his mind, he expects to select his starting quarterback after the second preseason game. ... Parcells said Larry Allen appears to be in good condition.
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    makes perfect since to try and intro young guys and prolong the vets that have been pure contributors, as far as naming a starting qb after the second preseason game that has been Big Bills motis apperandi since he came into the league not too much of a big surprise...............
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    i'm glad he's bringing in some young guys and giving them the chance to show what they have. i mean how else will you know who the best guy is unless you give them all an equal chance.

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