News: JJT: Spin on Jason Garrett gets blurry

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Sadly it didn't have a positive one either. That's how you pretty much get average every year.
  3. jjktkk

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    Wearing a headset can be overated. Switzer wore a head set, when he was the Cowboys headcoach, but I highly doubt it was plugged in. :cool:
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    The problem isn't whether head coach's can call plays. The problem is that Garrett sucks at it. That's why he is being replaced.
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    JJT sure knows how to sale newspapers, don't he?
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    ESPN Dallas isn't a newspaper.
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    :hammer: ......very well said....don't know why so many think this is personal....its more a performance issue. Just like a player, if he can't perform then you have to replace him. Doing the same thing over and over without success and expecting better results is the definition of stupidity.
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    And JJT doesn't sale that either.
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    Granted. But that wasn't the point. JJT is notorious for taking issues and making them more of an issue than what they really are.

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    JJT is one of several mediocre spinning non truths all along to create a blur, then he writes a story about how the Cowboys created the spin that led to the blur.

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    There is this one thing that some people are leaving out, Jerry wanted Garrett to be the play caller, Garrett tried hiring Paul Chryst to be the OC, after the 2010 season, but Chryst did not want to leave Wisconsin at the time, I believe it had to do with his children school situation, also at the same time, Texas was trying to lure Chryst here as well.

    Chryst stayed at Wisconsin, and now he is the head coach for the Pitt panthers.
    I do not believe for one minute that Garrett fought to keep calling the plays, I believe that Jerry was the one that kept insisting that Garrett be the play caller.

    I do not believe that Calahan will be the play caller, I have a feeling that Jimmy Robinson will be the play caller. I've mentioned this to other Cowboys fans before that They should let Robinson call the plays.
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    ..bad thing for Garrett.

    Considered when he was brought here from Miami it was to be THE OC first and foremost and he's now losing that title due to non-performance.

    I give it to Jones..he tries to give people a chance and he does spend the money to help this team win.

    Unfortunately, I think not enough blame is placed on the players and coaches when they lose and too much credit is given to them when they win.

    But that is the nature of professional football. At it's highest levels, it's a thing of beauty, filled with noble virtues and agendas.

    At it's lower levels, it's a cruel way to make a living. Hard on the body, hard on the head like with the recent suicides, traffic manslaughter accidents, bounty-hunting suspensions, etc.

    This season has been like few others I've ever seen as far as costs and failures. And not much has changed.

    So for me..Garrett needs to be the next change and we need a fresh start. Right now I see the Redskins and Eagles and Jints WAY WAY ahead of us in the race to the SB with no real improvements to speak of.

    There are no Jimmy Johnson Arkansas buddies out there for Jerry Jones to reel in and cure what ills us.

    Too bad.

    :banghead: RedBaLL EXPreSS:banghead:
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    That they took playcalling away from him might hurt his chances of finding an OC position on another team next season.
  14. Hoofbite

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    Likely help his chances in keeping his HC job though.

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    My question for people who buy into this theory, is why wasn't Wade "forced" to call his own defense if Jerry is so hell bent on his head coaches being coordinators on one side of the ball?
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    He was.

    Remember what happened after Brian Stewart was fired?
  17. Hoofbite

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    I think the question would apply to the time before Stewart was fired.
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    The ref iced the kicker ..... not Jason
  19. jjktkk

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    Oops. The Jerry hate is so strong with some posters, they forget about some facts.
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    IF thats the case it didn't have any positive impact whatsoever as well.

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