News: JJT: Spin on Jason Garrett gets blurry

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Sure, but Jones continued to have Wade call the plays right up until he fired Wade, without hiring a new DC.

    That being the case it doesn't sound unreasonable to me that JJ would have wanted Garrett to call the plays when he was hired to be HC.
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    Jerry said he wanted his HC to call the plays for one side of the ball.

    That didn't happen in 2007 or 2008.

    That happened with Wade in 2009 and 2010. I would say the only reason it did happen in 2009 was because Wade was trying to save his job by putting on this big and bad "toughy" face and part of that included taking more authority over what happened on game day.

    Happened with Garrett in 2011 and 2012.

    The unreasonable part comes in when Jerry says that he had a change of heart regarding Jason calling the plays now because offenses have become so complex that it's better if Jason delegate the task to someone else.

    When did this happen? When did offenses become too complex?

    I think its unreasonable to assume that Jerry really cares one way or the other so long as the results are good. If not, then he cares.

    Don't think for a moment that if Dallas were to go out and hire a HC who had some serious play calling credentials that he wouldn't change his tune and say that he prefers the HC call his own plays again.
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    Or maybe he thinks JG has more general strengths after seeing him on the job that his skills are better used elsewhere. He likes the way he game plans and prepares the team, but doesn't think he's especially strong right now on game day. Maybe he thinks we need more attention to detail elsewhere, and that we've got someone in Callahan who can do as good a job with the actual play calling.

    All this going round and round over who calls the plays is probably not that big a deal, one way or another, at the end of the day. And in any event, there are elements going into the decision making that we just know nothing about, so all the certain conclusions notwithstanding, it's really only uninformed speculation we've got to go on right now, and nothing to get all that worked up about.
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    Also I would like to point out that Joe D was screaming at him to call a timeout. What was Garrett supposed to do ignore the coach that has his unit out there?

    My gosh let that go people. No one was at fault really, we missed a kick, stuff happens.
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    The iced kicker criticism is second only to criticism of how we challenge plays when it comes to dumb things to complain about re: our head coach. I don't understand how people evaluate things so badly, especially when there are valid criticisms to be had.
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    People just buy into the zeitgeist, fuelled by the media. The Cowboys are actually doing are doing very good job of not giving away too much, but the story starved media (and discussion forums) just make up their own drama based on conjecture and commentator's spur of the moment comments.

    Fair enough in the vacuum I guess...
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    Or maybe he thinks Jason can't do it up to his expectations.

    Watch the video when he was at the Senior Bowl. It's on

    He says that he wanted Jason to call plays but times have changed.

    He also says that he wouldn't feel comfortable if Jason wasn't involved in game planning, calling plays, coordinating but just 2 minutes prior states that it's a good thing for Jason to delegate these tasks to others.

    And don't even get me started on the idea that offenses have become more complicated. This is Jason Garrett were talking about and his Princeton education. If he can't crack the riddle, who can?

    Clearly he doesn't know what he thinks. At least, what he says he is thinking doesn't make any sense at all because he's contradicting himself in saying he's not comfortable if Jason isn't involved but it's a good thing if Jason dishes these tasks off to other people.

    I'll agree, what Jerry thinks is largely irrelevant in the matter. What Jerry WANTS is something else.

    What Jerry WANTS and what he is going to get is a different play caller. Why does he want that? Nobody has the answer but I'd bet anything he wouldn't want it if Dallas had just come off a season with a top 5 scoring offense.

    I think it's a big deal.

    For one, I'm not impressed with the annual discrepancy between an offense highly effective at gaining yardage and significantly less effecting at putting up points. I think a different OC can help.

    But beyond that, you know exactly why it's a big deal. It's been said thousands of times that Jason is in charge when in reality it doesn't look like he has much more authority than Wade did.

    What's the difference between the "Yes Man" Wade Phillip coming to a mutual decision with Jerry and Jason Garrett coming to a mutual decision with Jerry?

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