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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by SupermanXx, Oct 11, 2007.

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    Hey guys, I'm doing my MBA right now at UTD and I went up to the career center on campus to apply for an internship and all that.

    I guess I'm just wanting a part-time job in the meantime until I get an internship

    does anyone know of ANY job openings whatsoever in the Dallas/Carrollton/Richardson/Addison/Farmer's Branch/Plano area?

    thanks =)
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    Are you looking for experience? Something that pays well or an easy job that pays decent? There's plenty of places you can find work, just depends on what you're wanting to do/how many hours you want.

    Restaurants always need waiters, the job will work your butt off but it can pay, I used to work at TGIF back in the late 90s and averaged about $200 every weekend night, about $100 every weekday. Bad part is the food industry sucks, but at least it'll motivate you to finish your MBA and you do interact with people, hopefully you'll find the right contact to get your career going.

    Other option would be retail places (***** Sporting Goods, Circuit City) because you're not only in a place you're familiar with but you'll get the employee discounts. Just walk in dressed casual and ask to apply, most likely you'll be interviewed by the manager right then, and in some cases they'll hire you on the spot.

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