Joe Flacco

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    Your balls must be made of brass...

    Are you also from Grant's Pass?

    One of my all time favorite limericks. :lmao2:
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    :laugh2: :) :starspin
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    97 mph fastball and you never made it to the majors, even as a reliever? wow.... did you have control issues....did you lack command of your other pitches (change-up, curve, slider)...

    i still remember how awesome Todd Van Poppel was in HS...he would have gone to UT...and should have. The A's signed him and he was a complete bust, but man did that kid have a cannon when he first got to the Bigs
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    If throwing hard was the only perquisite for getting to the big leagues, we'd have a lot better pitching in today's game than we do. Unfortunately, being able to fool hitters is a lot more valuable than simply throwing really hard.

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