Joe Mixon

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by NickZepp, Jan 5, 2017.

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    I really don't care what the media says or would say about us for drafting a player like Mixon. I am not saying it is irrelevant but I am saying what the media says really doesn't matter to me.

    I don't care that they brought Hardy here and gave him a shot. I do mind that he remained an ******* after we gave him a chance. As long as the player has a high probablility of keeping his ducks in a row, staying out of trouble, eligible to play and is a good team mate it is irrelevant to a large degree.
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    I agree, and...BOOMER!
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    Ouch.....but lol
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    I think he misunderstood. I'm guessing he was told he was looking at a "first degree" rating, not "first round".
  5. jrumann59

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    Seattle loves guys like this they can get value and they can usually turn them around except Bruce Irvin
  6. Denim Chicken

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    Hope he goes undrafted and no one signs him in FA.
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    You're a great person.
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    If he gets a chance to succeed he could be a very, very successful pro. Behind Fournette and Cook he's the third best RB in this class.
  9. RandyOh

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    Probably going to Seattle in the 2nd round. They don't get crap from the media for taking players with bad pasts.
  10. Denim Chicken

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