Joe's 5th Draft Boogero Happy Trades Mock

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. cowboyjoe

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    Cowboys Picks
    1st 9th
    2nd 33rd(traded for 37th , 5th and 6th 165th ) Now 37th Pick
    2nd 40th (traded for Raiders 4th 48th pick, 4th round 112th and 7th 208th pick) 48th pick
    3rd 71st
    4th 109th
    4th 112th (raiders)
    5th 134th (Browns pick)
    5th 140th
    6th 165th (Browns pick)
    6th 171st
    6th 188th (Patriouts pick)
    7th 209th
    7th 208th (raiders)
    This is a boogero trade happy mock, just to get the players we possibly need. Its all meant in fun, and based mainly on players that the cowboys have looked at.
    Due to Quinn DE/LB, Julio Jones and some others players, some teams call cowboys to trade up. We get New Englands # 1 pick, plus their 2nd rounder & 6th rounder thrown in, because Dolphins are trying to trade up too, but Patriots have more valued picks

    1st round 17th pick; Cameron Jordan or J J Watt DEThis is a need pick since Spears will be let go most likely, and at same time give the Cowboys a pass rushing DE, who can play against the run really well too.

    2nd We trade this pick to the Browns for their 2nd and 4th rounder.
    Thus we have picks # 38th and 40th. We trade 40th pick to Raiders for their 2nd rounder and 4th, plus a 7th rounder. We also trade Marion Barber for a 4th and a 7th rounder.
    2nd round 37th pick We take Kendrick Ellis | NT | Hampton

    2nd round 48th pick we take Brooks Reed | OLB | Arizona or Colin Kaepernick | QB | Nevada

    3rd round 71st pick we take Will Rackley | OG | Lehigh

    4th rounder (Marion Barber trade) A;ex Green RB Hawaii

    4th round 109th pick Kendric Burney | CB | North Carolina

    4th round 112th pick Zach Hurd | OG | Connecticut or Derek Newton | OT | Arkansas St

    5th round 134th pick Brandon Fusco | OC | Slippery Rock

    5th round 140th pick FB Henry Hynoski - Pittsburgh

    6th round 165th Korey Lindsey-Woods| CB | Southern Illinois

    6th round 171st DeMarcus Van Dyke | CB | Miami(FL) or
    Buster Skrine | CB | Chattanooga

    6th round 188th pick 7. S Brian Lainhart - Kent St.or S Frantz Placide - Wagner

    7. 208th pick Jerrod Johnson | QB/TE | Texas A&M

    7th round 209th pick Andre Holmes | WR | Hillsdale

    7th rounder (Marion Barber trade) Bruce Miller | OLB | UCF
  2. supercowboy8

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    Kendrick Ellis in the 2nd, why, he is a late 3rd-4th round prospect.

    Also with all those picks you still couldn't find a starting RT.
  3. AsthmaField

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    Ugh. Reminds me of our crazy 2009 draft where we had like 20 picks but only drafted a couple of football players.
  4. SDogo

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    Damn it Joe, even on my best day I can't follow your drafts. I sure in the hell aint going to try on 3 hour sleep and would you please stop trading Barber. Even if you include him on a trade for a 7th round pick it's not likely to happen. When a new CBA is in place no team is going to take on his cap hit not to mention by trading him Dallas takes a hit opposed to clearing him off the books if they just release him. It makes no sense on any level.

    The other thing is, we dont need that many picks. It's just unrealistic.
  5. TheCount

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    I can never follow your trades, but I think I saw the name Kenrick Ellis in there so it gets my stamp of approval. :laugh2:
  6. junk

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    Cutting or trading Barber should have the same impact to the Cowboys cap either way.

    However, no one would trade for him anyway so it doesn't matter.
  7. cowboyjoe

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    was just in fun, trade happy mock draft buddy

    in my last mock, i might have 2 trades (most likely trading down some, but thats all)
  8. SDogo

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    If they trade Barber it gurantee's a portion of his money, if they release him this year they owe him nothing.
  9. junk

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    What? Do you have a link to those details?

    That's a ridiculous thing to put in a contract.
  10. MarionBarberThe4th

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    This is exactly what I think will happen
  11. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

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    no sorry, as of a few weeks ago I was not aware of this myself. There is nothing I can copy and paste or link it to.

    Your just going to have to take my word for it.......or not:laugh2:

    I'll let you know, come to find out this is not as crazy or uncommon as it sounds. It's basically the NFL's version of a no trade clause, often implemented by a player and his agent. Just makes dealing the player more difficult and in a situation like this prevents the player from being traded some place he would prefer not to go. Basically allowing him to choose his next home via free agency.
  12. Hoofbite

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    This must be one of those ST drafts.
  13. Biggems

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    That looked like you had some fun with it turn...I altered my mock madness a little bit.

    Trade 1 for 1,2,4
    Trade 1 for 1,2,4
    Trade 2 for 2,3
    Trade 3 for 3,4
    Trade 4 for 5,5
    Trade 5 for 5,6
    Trade Barber for 6
    Trade 6 for 6,7

    1 - CB Brandon Harris - the U
    He is my favorite CB in the draft. I love his coverage ability, his willingness to tackle (even if he isn't always successful), and his swagger.

    2 - DT Muhammad Wilkerson - Temple
    He is a bad, bad man once he puts that helmet on. We need bad, bad men for our sissy defense.

    2 - OT/OG Marcus Cannon - TCU
    He was simply dominant in college. He is a mountain of a man, but is surprisingly athletic and agile for his size. He is also versatile enough to play G or T.

    2 - OT/OG Benjamin Ijalana - Villanova
    He is my pet cat. He is athletic, intelligent, and can play 4 OL postions, including the all important LT.

    3 - WR Terrence Toliver - LSU
    I have been a fan of his since his freshman year. He isn't the fastest WR out there, but he is tall, long, and can sky for the ball. He is a great red zone threat.

    3 - OG/C John Moffitt - Wisconsin
    He comes from an OL factory. He can play all 3 interior positions. We definitely need a backup Center.

    4 - CB Buster Skrine - Tennessee Chattanooga
    He has size, speed, and is a top CB prospect. He too plays with swagger, and has the coverage ability to back it up.

    4 - OT Derek Newton - Arkansas St.
    I like his size, agility, and his ability to step in on day 1 and play RT. I also believe, he could play LT and excel if needed.

    4 - OLB Mark Herzlich - Boston College
    He has heart, he plays with fire and intensity. He reminds me of an old school player. I think come next season, he will completely be recovered from the cancer ordeal. I know he played this year, but he was still recovering as far as a strength and conditioning standpoint.

    5 - ILB Casey Matthews - Oregon
    He has the pedigree. He plays like a Matthews. He may not be as athletic as Clay, but he is one helluva a prospect.

    5 - FB Henry Hynoski - Pittsburgh
    I am a Gronkowski fan, but he needs some competition. Bring in Hynoski and may the best man win.

    5 - DT Martin Parker - Richmond
    He will most likely be a DE for the Cowboys. He is solid against the run. He knows how to get into the backfield and be disruptive. Excellent value here in the 5th.

    6 - RB Da'Rel Scott - Maryland
    Fast, Quick, Great Vision, Good change of direction, seemed to rid himself of fumblitis during his senior year.

    6 - S Eugene Clifford - Tennessee St.
    Good tackler, good in pass coverage, I think he makes a great reserve SS, but could very well compete for the starting job if we don't bring back Sensabaugh.

    7 - S Mark LeGree - Appalachian St.
    We need ballhawks, he is a ballhawk

    7 - S Brian Lainhart - Kent St.
    Another ballhawk

    7 - S Frantz Placide - Wagner
    Special Teams dynamo
  14. casmith07

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    Haha we certainly aren't getting a 4th and a 7th for Barber.

    It does have Henry Hynoski in it, so it passes the test ;)
  15. Avery

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    I read drafts like this and Biggems and all I can think about is that would almost give us as a big of a rookie class as the Duggar household in Arkansas.
  16. Hoofbite

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    In all honesty, having 17 picks isn't gonna do any good.

    Dallas needs fewer, higher quality picks.

    I would be happier if Dallas came out of the draft with 4-5 high quality picks (thinking about using a few to move up, especially in the 1st) instead of 14-15 bargain basement, roll-back pricing picks.
  17. junk

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    I suppose that makes sense. The team still has the option to rid itself of the contract through release.

    Like I said, no one is going to trade for his salary anyway.

    Dallas shouldn't be paying it either. He should be forced to collect his check wearing a ski mask.
  18. Biggems

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    This thread is meant for pure is supposed to be outrageous and not to be taken seriously at all...the same with my Mock Madness thread.

    BTW...go through my list and tell me I did not get quality.
  19. cowboyjoe

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    exactly, for total fun, not to be taken seriously :D

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