Joe's Presidents Day Mock Draft version 5

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Feb 21, 2011.

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    We get a call from the Miami Dolphins, that want to trade up for Cam Newton. We get their 3rd rounder, and 4th rounder and 7th rounder, plus a # 3 in 2012. Yeah, I know value points are off the roof, but Dolphins coaching
    staff really wants Cam Newton and they need him to keep their jobs as well
    as Jeff Ireland.
    Better value here, and possibly stay in range to pick a player that can help us. The Dolphins dont have a 2nd rounder, so we also swap Barber in this deal. The Dolphins are desperate to get Cam Newton, so this sweetens the deal involing trading down that far, and Dolphins getting Barber too.

    12th Pick 1st Round Cameron Jordan
    Note, If Cameron Jordan is gone, we take Tyson Smith OT
    Defensive End | California | SR Cameron Jordan
    Height: 6-4 | Weight: 283 | 40-Time: 4.80
    Official Bio
    • Ideal size with extremely long arms / huge hands
    • Excellent athleticism along with NFL bloodlines
    • Good balance and agility as well as quick feet
    • Displays a varied repertoire of pass rush moves
    • A reliable tackler who will deliver the knockout hit
    • Will disrupt passing lanes and bat down passes
    • Active with good range and does nice job in pursuit
    • Showcases violent hands and can get off of blocks
    • Strong, powerful and stout at the point of attack
    • Competitive and aggressive with a non-stop motor
    • Polished technician and understands angles / leverage
    • Fantastic football IQ, instincts and awareness
    • Able to play multiple positions in different schemes
    • Tough and a hard worker who strives for excellence
    • Productive and durable with lots of quality experience

    2nd Round 40th Pick
    Stefen Wisniewski

    Height: 6-3 | Weight: 306 | 40-Time: 5.30
    Official Bio
    • Extremely smart with elite instincts and awareness
    • Polished technician with great hand use and footwork
    • A top-notch understanding of positioning and angles
    • Intense, competitive and plays with a nasty demeanor
    • Quick with nice balance and able to adjust and recover
    • Strong with a wide base and stout at the point of attack
    • Great toughness and gets a nice push in the run game
    • Tenacious and will lock on and doggedly sustains blocks
    • Ability to pull, play in space and reach the second level
    • Versatile and is capable of playing multiple positions
    • A hard worker and leader with outstanding bloodlines
    • Durable with a ton of experience versus top competition
    Note, Cannon or Stefen Wieneski maybe swapped out by Cannon going before Stefen, but this way, Cowboys if they can get both of these elite players, fix their offensive line woes for years.

    3rd Round 71st Pick
    Marcus Cannon

    Height: 6-6 | Weight: 350 | 40-Time: 5.36
    In a pinch can play ROT or OG, this will push Robert Brewster and Sam Young.

    3rd Round 79th Pick from Dolphins
    Deunta Williams S UNC 6' 2" 205

    Falls here due to injury, but well worth pick.
    Very talented player, but injured, and would be a steal here.

    4th round 109th Pick Cowboys
    Colin Kaepernick QB Nevada 6' 6" 220

    Jason Garrett cant stand it seeing his prize QB falling this far, so he trades up to get Kaepernick. We use 7th round pick 209 from Chargers to get this future star QB. If Kaepernick is gone, Cowboys take Andy Dalton QB

    4th Round 110th pick from Dolphins Cowboys take
    Ras-I Dowling CB Virginia 6' 2" 200

    Dowling falls because of injury.

    5th round Cowboys 140th Pick
    Kendrick Ellis DT Hampton 6' 5" 340

    This fixes our NT position with a plugger in the middle, keeping Jay Ratliff fresh and allowing Jay to move in Rob Ryan blitz schemes all over the place.

    6th Round Cowboys pick 171st pick
    Henry Hynoski* FB Pittsburgh 6' 2" 260

    This guy will knock your head off, and remind us old times of Daryl Moose Johnston.

    7th round 207th pick from Dolphins that was Jags pick
    Korey Lindsey CB Southern Illinois 6' 0" 190

    Will be a steal here at CB.

    Note, reason why I didnt pick a linebacker here is because I feel that the Cowboys will bring in the linebacker that Rob Ryan knows from his former days at Cleveland.
  2. casmith07

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    Holy crap Joe. If this is our draft I will wet my pants!
  3. MarionBarberThe4th

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    Cool except Kapernick :lmao:

    I dont think Cam Newton makes it to 9 but a trade like that in that general range is reasonable

    You may be cheating a bit w/ Dowling in the 4th. A little Antonio Cromartie type resume there
  4. cowboyjoe

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    true about dowling, but i think he falls due to injury, generally players that have been hurt, do fall, remember Ansah? He fell too, but had great potential too,

    I am thinking Newton wont fall either, but could be the other QB from Missouri to that might be able to get a trade
  5. cowboyjoe

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    me too buddy, i would be jumping up and down if we can get at least 7 of those first 8 players.
  6. ghst187

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    not a bad mock, i'd be upset with the Jordan pick if we didn't trade down and get extra picks. I'd take this draft except I think its too heavy at CB. We're in a little better shape than most think, my suspicions are that coaching and scheme had more to do with the DBs looking so bad...also I think Jenkins will be okay, Scandrick is pretty good #3, Newman may have another year left, and McCann still may develop.
    I like the OL picks a lot although I think we'd be extremely fortunate if the Penn St guy is still there when we pick in the 2nd. I'm also a little concerned about the RT and RB positions.
  7. CanuckCowboysFan

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    Hands down best mock. Great job Joe.
  8. cowboyjoe

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    thanks buddy
  9. Joe Rod

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    One heck of a mock if it happens. Hynoski is one of my favorite players in this draft!
  10. TheCount

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    Good mock.

    I don't think Ellis is a 3-4 NT though, not anymore. I think he's a DE.
  11. Bigdog

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    Great mock although I would like to have Smith even if Jordan was there. The draft is loaded with 3-4 ends this year. The draft is not loaded with atheletic OT though who can pass protect like Smith.
  12. kevsstang

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    I too see Hynoski as a very good pick. Played FB in college, but was an outstanding running back in high school, very athletic. Hard worker, very much like Sean Lee. Hope we get him.
  13. MarionBarberThe4th

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    I heard on a podcasy Hynoski is about as good as Conner and that this is a monster FB class.

    You guys want to get a FB in this draft or do you see Phillips as an HBack and not value the position enough?
  14. AKATheRake

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    Nice, but I doubt Cannon lasts to the 3rd. We're taking care of a lot of positions of need with this draft too. Getting some value on talented injured players so those guys are 50/50 but in those rounds thats where you should be getting them a la Chris Canty style.
  15. esmith1790

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    So who do we cut at QB? McGee? Kitna?
  16. cowboyjoe

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    Neither, you keep 4 of them,
    See what Kaepernski has or andy dalton or McElroy, I do think cowboys will draft one of these qbs.

    then you groom them just like green bay does, and like eagles are now, with possibility of trading QB Kolb

    you can get value,

    then you decide out of the 2 youngs ones after this year, who has the most promise, and you trade the other showcasing him in preseason games etc,,

    most likely this will be kitna's last year, most qb at 40 go downhill pretty quickly so we need to have 2 young qbs ready and being groomed to see which one is ready in 2 to 3 years

    most likely also with romo being 31 this year, he has probably about 3-4 years left for elite qb status

    you need to have a qb ready, look at the packers,

    their qb groomed behind favre for several years, then after one year playing, came into his own the next year or so

    its a toss up on qbs lasting long time
    think about this
    roger staubach played till he was 39 i think
    aikman retired after he was 34 and beat up
    meredith retired when he was about 30
    danny white retired when he was about 36

    so looking at that, most of our qbs have lasted till about 33 or so avg i would guess

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