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Joe's version mock 3 draft

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. cowboyjoe

    cowboyjoe Well-Known Member

    28,195 Messages
    237 Likes Received
    Ht WT 40
    2. Duke Robinson OG 6-5 330 5.32 20 1.78 3.06 31 8-3 5.00 --

    3. Jarran Gilbert DE (must get ready if cowboys dont resign spears next yr)
    6-5 288 4.82 28 1.69 2.71 35 9-11 4.56 -- 7.71

    4. Lawrence Sidbury DE/LB 6-2 266 4.57 28 1.57 2.72 35 10-0 4.43 -- 4.57

    4. Rhett Bomar QB 6-2 225 4.76 25 1.59 2.75 8-10 4.06 -- 6.91 --

    5. Jason Williams ILB

    5. Sammie Hill DT/NT

    5. Louis Vasquez OG (compensation pick) 6-4 333 5.39 39 --

    6/ Cornelius Lewis OT

    6. Joe Bell OT (compensation pick)

    7. Johnny Knox WR ( I think Johnny Knox will go way before this, so Ive got to figure out a way to get him on the team)
    5-11 185 4.30 -- 1.47 2.53 35 10-2 4.15 -- 6.82 --

    7. Chris Clemmons S

    Free Agentsl'

    Jarod Bronson TE 6-3 254 4.70 21 1.67 2.70 33 9-8 4.33 11.84 7.16
    Roy Miller DT NT--
    Dominque Edison WR
    Roger Allen OG 6-2 326 5.49 --
    Terrance Knighton
    Jason Boltus QB -- 6-2 225 4.83 26 1.53 2.76 31 9-3 4.47 -- 7.00
    Jason Chery WR Punt Returner
    Javorski Lane FB
    Nate Ness S

    also, i think the cowboys somehow will make a trade before the draft or during the draft by trading a player. Next, I think the cowboys will trade either one of the 5th or 6th round pick to get a 5th rounder in 2010 to replace the pick we lost for trading for Holland OG. Finally the Cowboys will package a couple of the picks to move up in the 2nd or 3rd or 4th rounds to get quality players.
  2. Goldenrichards83

    Goldenrichards83 Active Member

    1,612 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    I like your mock Joe but Gilbert will go sooner than that. Overall pretty good mock.
  3. BAT

    BAT Mr. Fixit

    11,050 Messages
    2,898 Likes Received
    I would not complain if it fell that way, although I suspect you may want to flip your 2nd and 3rd rounders. Gilbert is rising while Robinson is falling, maybe not out of the 2nd but Gilbert will be taken before Robinson IMO.

    And neither Knox nor Clemmons will be there in the 7th.
  4. dtoltl

    dtoltl New Member

    24 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    I really like your mock. My fear is that Gilbert will be gone before our 3rd round pick. We'll either have to attempt to trade up to get him or look at someone like Dorell Scott. Either way, I think you've covered everything!
  5. cowboyjoe

    cowboyjoe Well-Known Member

    28,195 Messages
    237 Likes Received
    thanks guys, like i mentioned, i do think johnny knox will be drafted way before i had him listed and i do think the cowboys will package several picks to move up in the draft. While possibly trading one or two for future picks in 2010.
  6. DaBoys4Life

    DaBoys4Life Benched

    15,621 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    I like the Nate Ness pick that kid is a ball hawk.

    Overall good job though Jarron Gilbert is such a stud.

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