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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by doomsday81, Mar 18, 2006.

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    "The T.O. situation is going to take three to four weeks before it's resolved." What's that make him now? 0 for 2,789? At least some of these insiders are right every once a while. I'm still waiting for Clayton to get one right. According to him, Kurt Warner, Kerry Collins and Jeff Garcia should be battling for the starting QB job this year from when he had every free agent QB on the planet headed to Dallas before they signed Bledsoe.
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    Well, at least when TO signs with us next month he'll have Tim Couch to throw the ball to him.
  3. doomsday81

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    Also, I see The Ranch missed the boat on the T.O. signing. What happened to all of Roy's inside info? I can't believe people actually pay money to read that stuff when you can get more information on the Cowboys right here for free. Seriously, I don't live in Dallas and I found this board to be the best place to get information quickly and I don't even have to pay $99. What a bargain.
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    That's very true. The information this site provides on our favorite team is second to none.
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  7. HardHittin'Witten

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    not to threadjack, but you have the coolest screen name and avatar. Love it!
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    Why do you guys feel the need to trash Roy and the Ranch the way you constantly do??

    I've had my problems with Roy, I used to be a mod over there and he booted me without so much as an explanation... and I certainly don't fork over for his premium stuff, I'm too cheap for that...

    But this time last year, I got comped a membership for a month by the admin of another board, and you get a LOT more than just the stuff Roy provides for your 99 bucks... you get access to the premium content on all the football boards, and best of all, to their premium draft content...

    If you don't feel like paying 99 bucks for that stuff, that is of course your perogative, but when you sneer at how little value you get for that money, that shows me that you've never actually subscribed, and bothered to check out the full array of premium content you get access to...

    I agree that I like this board better than their main board, and these days I post a lot more over here than I do over there... you get more good info in here than you do over there... but again, what's with all the Roy bashing??
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    I agree..Clayton overstated the case to his chagrin:bang2::bang2::banghead:
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    Didn't Roy say this was gonna happen?

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