John Wayne Would Have Eaten David Letterman for Breakfast: Honor and Patriotism

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by zrinkill, Jun 12, 2009.

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    30 year anniversary of Wayne's death.

    Exactly 30 years ago today, a great American and popular film star passed away after a long bout of cancer. His patriotism and love of America and her many freedoms are still inspirational.. for me, goose-bump-producing. John Wayne—The Duke—was a patriotic icon of all that we love and are proud about America.

    John Wayne, you are sorely missed. When will anyone with your passion, your conservative values, your unabashed love for our country rise again from the shallow, self-absorbed masses of Hollywood? Despots and dictators… embraced by the depraved. For Wayne, honor and loyalty and character meant more than just empty rhetoric. Being a man to Wayne meant taking responsibility, supporting and defending America, respecting others, living by a tough code of honor.

    I wonder what The Duke’s take on David Letterman’s twisted joke about the sexual assault of Palin’s young daughter would be. Wayne would have likely cleaned his clock, would have chewed Letterman up, would have eaten him for breakfast… followed maybe by a beer and a belch.

    Wayne would have called him any and all names vile enough and colorful enough to get his message across about what a worm he thought Letterman was (Wayne could cuss better than most). Wayne would have put himself in front of news cameras, loudly denouncing Letterman and all the other silent cowards in the entertainment industry, who through their silence condone such hateful, perverted behavior against the child of a Republican politician. Wayne would have sneered at the prissy Hollywood elite for being woosies and hypocrites.

    Wayne had no patience with whiny, sniveling left-wingers, those who didn’t appreciate his cherished country and treated people, especially women and children, deplorably. Wayne didn’t usually start fights, but he never backed down from them, either. America and patriots were always worth defending to him. He would have been entranced by Sarah Palin, I’m sure.

    Impressed by her grit, guts, and love of country. Impressed by how she handles criticism, conducts herself with optimism and grace, despite being viciously attacked by rabid liberals and the media more than any other human being on the face of the earth. Wayne could be loud, blustery, offensive, chauvinistic to a fault. But he respected and admired grit and guts… Palin has proven she has those qualities time and time again. He would have loved Sarah.

    Americans would have applauded and cheered when The Duke demanded honor, demanded civility, demanded truth, and then trounced the perverted, bitter, scummy Letterman and his nasty, statist cronies for their bitter, scummy attempts to dismantle what is good in America. Like Sarah Palin and other targeted patriots.

    I wonder how quiet or supportive Wayne would have been about the socialist direction our country is being forced down by Obama? How enamored he would be with Obama’s redistribution of wealth, his apologies to the world about America?

    Whoa, boy… hearing or seeing THAT tirade would be worth its weight in Treasury bonds… LOL. Wayne never put up with crap, never held back on his opinion, and while he angered politicians in Washington, he was adored by millions. He was real. He was honest.

    He was John Wayne, dammit.

    Thirty years ago. Wow, that’s beyond a generation. My son, who is 16, loved to watch our DVD of The Cowboys when he was a little guy. Over and over again he’d watch this longer-than-normal film. And over and over again, he cried when John Wayne’s character was killed. Now, nearly a decade later, Wayne is still one of his favorite actors, even though he died long before my son was born.

    Glitz and glamor overshadowed again by substance and grit. Here are some John Wayne tribute videos to honor a great man, a great American. Wish there were more like him. Even if you’ve seen them before, watch them again. In this Age of Obama, you’d be surprised how refreshing it now is to hear someone express patriotism and love rather than decry, backstab, and bash America.

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    Seeing the Duke in a whole new light.

    For navel-gazing Republicans, in the throes of a full-blown identity crisis, the 30th anniversary of John “Duke” Wayne’s passing this June 11th, couldn’t come sooner, reminding us of what it was like when giants were in our midst.

    The Duke, still ranked Americans’ all-time favorite film star, whose popularity only increases with time, was an “extremely close friend” of Ronald Reagan, said their close mutual friend, longtime Paramount Executive, A.C. Lyles.

    Both “Duke” and “Ronnie” shared a clear moral vision concerning America’s greatness-only using force to liberate not conquer, as President Reagan characterized it five years, almost to the day, after Duke’s death, in his poignant tribute to the “Boys of Pointe du Hoc” on June 6, 1984, commemorating D-Day, in which, Lyles said, “he just spoke from the heart.”

    “Here, in Normandy,” said Reagan, “… the Allies stood and fought against tyranny, in a giant undertaking unparalleled in human history.”

    “When people saw (Duke) on the screen” in movies like The Longest Day, about the Normandy Invasion, Lyles said, “they always wanted to be on his side because they knew that under (his) leadership… they were going to be on the winning team. He was Americana.” Like Reagan, “he made us all proud to be Americans.”

    Sadly, Duke Wayne, who stumped on the campaign trail for his friend, helping him reach the pinnacle of American politics, left the stage before Reagan assumed the presidency.

    There Reagan would effect in the present what Duke re-enacted in motion pictures.

    But, he didn’t do it alone.

    Reagan soon became friends with someone who cut an even larger figure on the world stage with whom he shared the same simple, yet large values, based on safeguarding the dignity and rights of man, which Fascism and then Communism had brutally undercut.

    His friend-none other than Pope John Paul II-became, according to Nancy Reagan, his closest friend, sharing with him the same vision of defeating Communism without firing a shot. Indeed, as Martin and Annelise Anderson reveal in their new book, Reagan’s Secret War, his ultimate goal was to rid the world of the nuclear threat, which is now more relevant than ever.

    While Duke’s artistry brought to life hard-fought victories over Fascism, Reagan and the Pope engaged in this epic battle against Communism as history was unfolding.

    Amazingly, Reagan-having helped liberate oppressed peoples behind the Iron Curtain-died almost 25 years to the day after Duke passed away.

    Both represented a continuum of values evoked by Reagan’s words, speaking of the “Boys at Pointe du Hoc,” many in the audience, that “It was faith and belief, it was loyalty and love” impelling them to scale those Normandy cliffs.
    “All of you loved liberty,” continued Reagan, and “God was an ally in this great cause.”

    They were willing to die to “protect and defend democracy” knowing “God would grant them mercy on this beachhead, or on the next.”

    “Do not bow your heads,” Reagan said, repeating Colonel Wolverton’s plea to his parachute troops the night before the historic Invasion, “but look up so you can see God and ask His blessing in what we’re about to do.”

    Now that America confronts an enemy every bit as daunting as that President Reagan faced, the question is, which Republican-and there can only be one-will look up and provide that continuum of morally clear, strong leadership today and in 2012?

    Who, indeed, will speak from the heart?

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    Though I am too young to remember him, I have always enjoyed his movies and admired his personality. John Wayne harkens back to a time when Hollywood actually celebrated, instead of denigrated, the American serviceman. Sure, it was hammy the way he would stroll into war with his bravado, all guts and glory. But I prefer that to today's take on how Hollywood views the men and women who protect and defend their right to make whatever movies they want.
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    I'm not gunna hit you, like hell I'm not. The Duke. :laugh1:
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    'Ah, senor, there has been a mistake.' 'You made it.

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    Now you know I like this thread, politics or not.
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    Myself, I grew up watching John Wyane
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    I was watching Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher a few years back and one of the guests was Trace Adkins...

    Another one was this sniveling little know it all lefty that had written a derogatory book about John Wayne...

    This guy ran down Wayne every chance he got. The subject turned to human cloning and this guy was all for it... finally Adkins had enough and said "Well maybe we can clone John Wayne and he can come back and kick your ***"...

    Must have been the longest laughter/applause moment in TV history...

    You don't mess with The Duke...
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    They can't handle the fact that John Wayne and many like him stood up for this country and believed in it. Today many of the Hollywood crowd complains and moans, berate this country all the while making million off of this country.
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    It's off the subject, but can anyone tell me why that was the title to his show? From where I sat it almost always seemed like the most Politically Correct show I have ever seen. Oh sure, there were some good back and forths now and then, but you always knew where the host and audience sat Politically and who were the foils for their opinions.

    To me being politically incorrect would mean you could speak out against a hot button topic like Gay marriage and I just don't think that show allowed for that.
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    So true.

    He's anti-religion.

    He's anti-gun.

    He's pro-abortion.

    Whenever he or one of his liberal guests launches a volley of snarky yet largely substanceless insults against a conservative, the applause from the audience is so loud and rancorous that the conservative is seldom able to defend himself or even respond.

    Maher is probably the most politically-correct person on the planet.
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    That's kind of what I am saying. I agree with some of his stances, but I just think the show was badly named given his views.

    Am I wrong?
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    No. I was agreeing with you.

    However, when I went back and read my response, it initially appeared as if I was disagreeing with you. So I edited my response for clarity.:)
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    Here is to John "The Duke" Wayne

    [youtube]<object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object>[/youtube]
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    John Wayne was a great American. and enjoyed his movies, but I also had a hero at home with my Dad. My Dad fought in the Pacific during WWII with the 1st Marine Division, with the 2d Inf Div. in Korea and two tours in Vietnam as an advisor with the 24th Vietnamese Inf and then with the 1st Inf and later the Americal Div. I tried to follow in my Dad's foot steps, I guess, fortunately the only war I had to deal with during my 23 yrs was Vietnam. As proud as I am of Dad, I think the best gift I ever gave him was him being proud of me. He Died of Cancer in 2003 and when they played taps at the grave side, it was like a steel spike in my chest.
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    My heart is with you.

    I lost my grandfather ,who also fought in WW2, in March, he was 91.

    There is a reason they call them the greatest generation. Men were men and "wimps" stayed out of their way.
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    Now so many are afraid to say what they really think and feel because its not politically correct. The libs- so called defenders of tolerance and free speech- try and pass "hate speech" laws.
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    I feel for you bro, or some day I'll feel more. My dad is my hero. He was at Omaha beach on D-day and I've never heard him once complain about it. Some day if I have more time and people are interested I would tell you some of the stories I have heard, he's still alive at 89 and young at heart. The greatest generation is soooo right, which is what the libs don't get.

    On too John Wayne, by far my favorite ever actor. Since I don't know any of you people in real life, I'll tell you a secret of mine. I have a tape of his movie Chisum, I watch this every now and then and have made most of my friends watch it. The reason is, I tell my friends and myself, this is how I want to be as a man. His morals, values and toughness impress me so much in this movie its like a training class for me to best the best man I can be.

    Sounds stupid, eh. But having said this I'm going to watch it tonight.

    God bless you Mr. Wayne...RIP.
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    John Wayne wouldn't have tolerated "hate speech" for a second (remember, in "McClintock" he threatened an Army sergeant who was trying to abuse an Indian chief)... I sure never recall him being accused of practicing it...

    So once again, your braindead rants against "libs" makes no sense whatsoever...

    And of course, you couldn't stick to saying something to honor John Wayne, you had to spew your venom...

    I still enjoy watching movies like "Rio Bravo" when they appear on AMC... I always get a kick out of the scene where Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson harmonize on a song, then Walter Brennan joins in on another...

    I noticed the Duke wasn't singing, though... :D

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