Johnny Knox has been released by the Bears...*retires from NFL*

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by lqmac1, Feb 12, 2013.

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    I'm not sure it is fair to say Harris outplayed Austin because Harris did not regularly face the opposition's 1st to 2nd best corner. Harris still, in my opinion has much to prove, before I'd say he's a good replacement for Austin. Though, I do agree Austin has not played to his contract and I am hoping they are able to restructure to a contract more in line with his performance this last year.
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    No kidding? I might not have figured that out in a thread titled:

    "Johnny Knox has been released by the Bears".

    The point of the post was:

    "Knox is slowly making progress from last December's surgery to repair fractured vertebrae".
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    This is why Knox will never play again.

    He was released by Chicago. Who knows they could keep a good WR for only $1.26 million, who needs WRs with Devin Hester likely gone.

    And he was released due to a serious vertebrae injury. Chicago knows his medical status.

    Johnny Knox will never suit up again.
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    I wanted Dallas to draft Knox, but there's no way I get rid of Austin for this lineup. Harris is a good third receiver and so is Knox. I don't see either being a great No. 2 receiver.

    Now, if you want to bring in a legitimate starter ...
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    I saw Johnny Knoxville get tackled one time and it didn't look like he'd be a very good football player.
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    Oh sorry Mr. Jones, didn't realize you were paying his salary.
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    Knox is never playing again. I follow Chicago sports and listen to Chicago sports talk every day. It's nearly unanimous that his career is over. I wish him luck, but there's no chance this season of him suiting up.
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    Damated goods. Teams do not release players because they are just too expensive. I think the Chicago doctors saw something they did not like.
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    This answers things

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    so.. uh.. you didn't have time to watch the games this year?
  12. theebs

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    Watched them all a number of times. Home games in person.

    Had his ups and downs but he is a damn good player.
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    Nevermind, saw on twitter that the Bears were informed that it's VERY UNLIKELY he ever plays football again. Very unfortunate for anyone to have their dreams shattered like that.
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    Is he going to be anything close to what he was after suffering that gruesome injury?
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    I would rather take a shot at Harvin or Hester. Somebody with elite return skills that can make big plays deep down the field. Knox is too much of a health risk.
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    Hester is over.
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    Why are we talking about Johnny Knoxville? He should stick to sophomoric comedy :p
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    Johnny Knox changes his mind, retires from NFL

    A day after saying he still wanted to play in the NFL despite the Bears terminating his contract, Johnny Knox has decided to retire.

    Knox told Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times that he has to face the reality that he still has trouble walking — and isn’t even close to being able to run with the speed of an NFL wide receiver — more than 13 months after suffering a devastating back injury. As a result, Knox said, he is trying to make peace with the fact that he will never play football again.

    As an athlete, you don’t want to give up, you want to keep on fighting. That’s how I’ve always been,” Knox said. “But it’s been on my heart for a while. I know how my body feels, and I know I’m not going to be the same and perform at the ability that I used to. So I’m moving on and going forward.”
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    I really hope that he lands a coaching job somewhere and goes on to have a great career. Terrible ending to a career that showed promise. He wasn't ever going to be a top WR, but his speed would have kept him in the league for a long time, that injury was harder to watch than the McGahee/Lattimore injuries.

    The only other injury I remember watching and feeling as squeamish about was when an Alabama WR named Provo(something like that) caught a TD pass and broke his leg as he landed and the leg just flopped all around.
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    That really sucks I like him a lot. He was on his way to being a top 10 wr easy. Too young man this sport is dangerous.

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