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    According to a website report, Johnny Football was kicked out of the Manning Passing Academy this weekend for being hungover and showing up late for events on Saturday.

    Here's the full story.

    "Our source, who wishes to remain anonymous because of his connection to the camp, gave us the scoop after Manziel showed up tardy Saturday afternoon after being out on the town Friday night. The Texas A&M star reportedly enjoyed himself a little too much Friday night and rolled back into the camp at Nicholls State Universitysome time around noon Saturday before getting the boot."

    Who kicked him out according to the report?

    Archie Manning.

    So far that report, which you can read in entirety here, is just a rumor but an official at the Manning Passing Academey told a local newspaper this to explain why Manziel didn't participate in Saturday's public passing challenge:

    "All of the quarterbacks who served as counselors at the Manning Camp competed (Saturday) except reigning Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M. A Manning Camp official said Manziel was sick and returned home Saturday afternoon. The official wouldn't say if it was Manziel's decision to leave the camp early or give a reason for the quarterback's illness."

    Manziel was so "sick" that he was out partying in College Station on Saturday night.

    So, yeah, it certainly sounds like Manziel showed up late after a night out partying.

    Johnny Football will certainly be asked about this and much more at SEC Media Days on Wednesday.

    Hopefully he didn't run into this Bama fan wearing his antique football helmet.
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    He is just going through the motions until the next draft. :D
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    When will people stop protecting these guys? If he got kicked out because he was hung over then just say he got kicked out because he was hung over.

    Why even pay the guy any sort of lip service after he sandbagged your event?
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    This is all GREAT news. Hopefully now he slips in the draft, and Jerry gets to draft his pet cat.
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    This guy certainly has a pattern of , at best, immaturity.
    I say this regardless of what happened at camp.
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    If you play you pay. :D

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    Who's pet cat is that again?
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    He would be an intriguing player to have, but the dude is little. One good whack from a LB and its lights out.
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    Or horrible news, because I hope he never plays on the Cowboys lol.
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    Its weird that they kicked him out for being hungover. Ive worked a handful of lax camps still drunk from the night before lol
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    He wasn't kicked out for being hungover. He was kicked out for missing meetings and stuff. The hangover(or still being drunk) is what caused him to miss those scheduled appointments of the camp.
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    Don't know want next year, I don't believe the hype
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    Dude's got serious talent but he needs to grow up
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    Let's not forget about the picture his friend posted of him with his Heisman trophy holding a joint lol.

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    Seriously I LOL to this. At first I was looking at Johnny's hands like where the hell is the joint, then I seen the statue getting his blaze on. Funny stuff.
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    Johnny Manziel's offseason has taken more twists and turns than a road course. So, why should it be any surprise that on Saturday another bombshell dropped.

    The website Rumors and Rants busted the story last week that the Heisman Trophy winner from Texas A&Mwas asked to leave the Manning Passing Academy early.

    Now, the site is offering information that contradicts the line of events Manziel described at SEC Media Days earlier this week.

    Rumors and Rants says a source claims Manziel was not in his room, where he said he overslept and missed a meeting before being “sent” home from the academy. The site alleges Manziel was not even in the room Friday night, instead an hour away on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

    Rumors and Rants says Archie Manning already HAD been told that Manziel was out until at least 4 a.m. Saturday. According to the story, Manning gave the quarterback a chance to fess up, but Manziel lied to Manning, and was then asked to go leave the camp. The website also says the Heisman Trophy winner lied to his mother about his alibi.

    The site reports the actual force behind Manziel's exit was Dartmouth coach Buddy Teevens, not Manning. Teevens reportedly made the assigment schedule for all quarterbacks at the camp and was done with Manziel, who was the only person at the academy to fail to live up to his obligations, a source told the website.
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    10:42 AM ET 07.21 | The NFL's summer production of "Men Behaving Badly" apparently has trickled down to the collegeranks as well, with the news that Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel recently "departed early" from the annual Manning Passing Academy after some sort of alleged indiscretion. The situation did not escape the attention of NFL scouts, who have begun to more closely assess the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, given reports that he could leave the Aggies' program early and enter the 2014 draft. It's difficult to get a read on how scouts assess the physical talents of "Johnny Football" at this point, because he hasn't been scrutinized as closely yet as he now will, and because scouts aren't permitted to speak for attribution about potential underclass prospects. But the alleged escapades at the Manning camp, and Manziel's performance at the SEC media days last week, piqued the interest of some league personnel people. "I was especially interested in his comments about being just a '20-year-old' kid," said one regional scout who primarily works the SEC schools. "I'm tired of that excuse. If I had (Manziel) in an interview, and (suggested) to him that he was just a kid, he probably wouldn't react well. He's a 20-year-old man, he'd (protest). Well, he needs to start acting like one." The scout quickly emphasized that, his personal feelings aside, the lack of maturity exhibited by Manziel probably wouldn't greatly affect his draft status, if he's in the lottery. "But it did," he said, "turn me off some."

    National Football Post
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    In the old days this was not over the top. Hell Billy Kilmer would go into the huddle wreaking of booze on Sunday. Times have changed. lol
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    It was during the 1970 season that rumors stirred that Kilmer missed curfew before a game against the Denver Broncos and that his new Redskins teammates had nicknamed him “Ole Whiskey”.

    Kilmer’s most memorable night on the town came early Monday morning December 6, 1971 after beating the Giants 23-7. He got arrested at the Toddle House, a coffee shop in Arlington. Apparently, Kilmer was attempting to pay a $4 tab with a $100 bill and an argument ensued involving the waitress. A policeman showed up, and Kilmer, who had been drinking anything but coffee earlier that evening, told the policeman, “If you think I’m wrong, put me in jail!” The policeman locked Kilmer up for the night, releasing him in time to lead the Redskins into the playoffs against San Francisco. Kilmer “won the hearts of fans when he told the waitress she could keep the $100 as a tip”.

    This arrest gave rise to the quarterback's image as a hell-raiser.[citation needed] That reputation had been noted by Saints owner John Mecom, Jr., who mentioned Kilmer's many late-hour visits to New Orleans bars while playing for the team

    On December 11, 1976, Kilmer was arrested for drunk driving less than 2 days before a game against the Dallas Cowboys

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