Johnny Manziel shows off blindfolded passing skills

Discussion in 'Sports Zone' started by joseephuss, Jun 7, 2013.

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    Johnny Manziel shows off blindfolded passing skills

    At this point, it's as if you hope the end of the movie "Bloodsport" happens to Johnny Manziel during a football game this year.

    Oh, don't remember what happened at the end of "Bloodsport," where Jean-Claude Van Damme's character, Frank Dux, was blinded by sand in the finals fight of the Kumite and had to defeat the evil Chong Li without the use of his vision?

    Well, Manziel is continuing to sharpen his blind throwing skills during off-season workouts.

    He made waves last week when a Vine was posted of him throwing darts to a receiver 20-yards directing in front of him with a blindfold on.
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    Maybe he will pull a John Elway and only want to play for the Cowboys.
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    On a serious note, name me the last player who had a successful baseball career, while being a top college football player.
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    The idea of throwing passes blindfolded is neat, but what he did wasn't that impressive. It was a straight throw.

    The first video is ok, but QBs are so timed on a five step drop that he knows exactly where he'll be when he hits his fifth step, and the WR was just standing there, exactly where he was when he took the snap.

    I guess it just helps build his folklore.
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    Bo Jackson
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    this is like when kyle boller had videos of throwing a ball through the uprights from his knees from like 50 yards out. it means absolutely nothing.

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