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Discussion in 'Roster Zone' started by Qbert, Dec 27, 2016.

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    I agree, but the Patriots cut him early in the year so health may have been a factor in that. The Browns cutting him was different because the Browns team situation is pretty out of sorts right now.
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    And his fit between Smith and Fredrick couldn't be a better one for him. And for us if Leary moves on. I hope both sides realize that and eventually come to a multi-year agreement. I'm really excited by the potential.
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    I think the Patriots got pissed when they saw another injury from a player that's had several. They've sent 'messages' to several players - specifically linemen - recently, as well as players looking for too much money.
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    The Browns release was puzzling. I think he stood to be a FA after the season ended, anyway, right? He was like their 4th or 5th OG option to start with.

    Still don't know what to make of the signing in Dallas, though. It's basically a playoff rental, where he just gets the money any playoff team gets each week they keep going. That suggests there's a bigger issue with Leary maybe than we were thinking to me. Otherwise, I don't see the logic in adding him the same time we added Collins back in and when we're still struggling to field a full DL rotation.

    And we're carrying a QB3 who can't help us win anything, too. With a couple players on the practice squad I'd have liked to have seen us protect.

    Oh, well. What do I know about what's really going on right now. It's interesting to speculate, though.
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    Can he replace Leary? That is the question. Only one way to find out. He has a couple of weeks to prove it. It's all about the future dollars.
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    That's how I see it. Both sides are getting a multi-week 'look-see' to determine if it makes a good match. With Leary's likely departure, there could be a golden opportunity at left guard.

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