Jones and Jenkins

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Wolfpack, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Wolfpack

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    So who thought these two were 1st round picks?
  2. RoyTheHammer

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    Pretty sure they were first round picks.. next question.
  3. Jay

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    Excellent post. You should post more often. The level of enlightenment and analysis simply can't be measured or described in words. All I can say is thank you.
  4. JoeyBoy718

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    Jenkins wasn't awful. He made a Pro Bowl. Had a few very good seasons. Only had one bad season when the whole defense collapsed. To tell you the truth, there aren't many elite CBs in the league, so a 1st round pick of Jenkin's caliber is not bad. It was really the injuries that caused Dallas to lose faith in him. If he would have stayed healthy we either wouldn't have drafted Claiborne or wouldn't have spent all that money on Carr. Jones on the other hand was a bust. I don't believe in drafting RBs in the first round period, especially not in the top 5 like some teams do. Jones isn't a bad player by any means. He just isn't 1st round worthy. He's a decent change of pace back and someone who can catch some passes. He's probably a quality 2nd or 3rd RB on a team.

    Speaking of Jenkins, I hope a few other players on the Dallas roster don't have the same fate. People want to love guys like Sean Lee, Bruce Carter and DeMarco Murray, but how different are those guys from Mike Jenkins? They're all very good players who have a tendency to always get injured. I wouldn't be surprised if fans lost faith in the almighty Sean Lee three years from now if his injury problems persist. Dallas has a tendency of getting guys who can't stay healthy. I hope it doesn't happen but I wouldn't be surprised if none of those guys are on the roster five years from now.
  5. TwoDeep3

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    Roy, I think what he meant was that they have not performed up to their draft slots, and who thought they would.

    You are technically correct, however I believe the question is, who now sees them as reaches and thought they would be what one normally expects a first rounder to be.
  6. yentl911

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    At the time I thought they would be long term productive players for us.

    Jenkins had a couple solid seasons but he ended up being soft. I think he is still a real good outside cover guy and if the price is right I would like him to stay.

    I am on the fence with Felix. I think he - if healthy - can still be a game changer and is a perfect compliment to Murray IMO. I still feel that he is not utilized correctly - he needs to be used on screens, draws, is is a decent blocker in the pass game. He is a solid pro when healthy but not worthy of a first round pick unfortunately.

    If these guys go what kind of comp picks will we get??? Losing two first round picks - we would have to get something decent wouldn't we??

    I hope Felix is back though. Jenkins too if the price is right.
  7. TheSport78

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    I hope Dallas never drafts a running back in the 1st round ever again...unless an Adrian Peterson type prospect comes around.

    RB's are a dime a dozen.
  8. Risen Star

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    I wanted to draft Felix. I was okay with Jenkins but felt, if you were going to draft a CB, Flowers was a better player.
  9. RoyTheHammer

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    I understand what the question was.. i was giving a sarcastic reply because i think its pretty clear Jenkins has performed very well here for us. He's been our best CB since he got here up until this season.. and i would still keep him around and cut Scandrick in the offseason if there was any way we could.

    Jones.. its debatable becaue we never gave him the chance to be the feature guy.. but he's averaged like 4.5 ypc for us and been a threat in the passing game as well. When we've given him the ball, he's been productive for us.

    I think its pretty clear both were first round talents.
  10. Future

    Future Intramural Legend

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    Both were first round talents, if not for injuries, both would be resigning next year more than likely.
  11. Eddie

    Eddie Well-Known Member

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    Felix is not first rounder. Backup and complementary players should not be taken on the first half the draft. It just mirrors a decade and a half of miserable drafting.
  12. CATCH17

    CATCH17 1st Round Pick

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    I still think Jenkins has lived up to his selection. He's just been up and down a little but I believe he is a starting corner in the NFL.

    Jenkins just needs to constantly be in competition. Im sure he'll go to some other team next year and we will rue. Probably New York.
  13. jjktkk

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    Feliz Jones had a 1st round grade on him, going into the 08 draft.
  14. wick

    wick Active Member

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    I hated the Felix pick. I'm vehemently opposed to drafting running game parts in the first round and even more so when they are backup parts. For some bizarre reason, Jerry gets it in his head every so often (1995, Felix Jones, 2009) that we ought to draft backups, and it has never worked.
  15. SWG9

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    I totally disagree, the guy has no fight in him. The second someone pays him (and someone will), he'll put his feet up and take it easy.

    The Cowboys have made a lot of mistakes but letting Jenkins walk is not one of them.
  16. Sifillest

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    Had no issue with Jenkins, but i wanted mendenhall instead of felix.
  17. Doomsday101

    Doomsday101 Well-Known Member

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    Regardless of how they turned out there was no one who covered the draft that felt Dallas had reached on these players.
  18. stasheroo

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    In my opinion, a first round pick should be a cornerstone player and not a 'one contract guy'.

    In that regard, I think both players are ultimately viewed as disappointing.

    Add to that the players the Cowboys could have drafted instead, and it's confirmed for me.

    As a side note, this team could be saying goodbye to up to four former 1st round draft picks this year. (Jones, Jenkins, Spears, Spencer)
  19. CopenhagenCowboy

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  20. Rack Bauer

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    I thought they should both have been 2nd round picks at the time.

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