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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CactusCowboy, Aug 21, 2005.

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    I was watching the Cardinals game last night and was watching Arrington. He looked ok and had a few nice runs. I noticed when he broke a tackle or had an opening he looked pretty fast, but it got me thinking. I put in a tape of a Cowboys game and watched JJ. His speed and footwork made Arrington look like Ron Dayne. JJ is lightning quick. If we get the RT situation to at least ok, I do not doubt he will get and surpass his goals this year. It was pretty exciting to see the difference in speed between the two.
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    On Jones, I think that you've hit the nail on the head. Looking at his potential OL, Jones is probably doubtful that he will get most of his yards running right. If the majority of his runs are going left, like last season, he also knows that those yards will be tough because every defensive coordinator will scheme against it. If the blocking at the right tackle position improves enough, he knows that the opportunities and holes on the right side of the OL will grow and so will his yards.
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    Jones wasn't that bad when running left last saturday. I think his biggest run (which was called back) was to the left. However, you just can't be one dimensional when running the ball...
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    If the offensive line plays well it's not impossible for Julius to reach his goal. But I still think that 1700+ yards is very ambitious. It also depends on how Parcells spreads the carries around. We do potentially have a very good group of runningbacks.
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    Like I mentioned earlier this year, I think JJ will get 1600 yards and make pro-bowl. He will gain a yard here, 3 there , lose 2 and then break for 24 yards just like Emmitt used to do. I have old tapes of Emmitt, and I remember lots of games where he would hit a couple here and there , lose a couple here and there and then pop a 30 on you, including the 93 super bowl.
    If Witten (whom I think could be a super star) and T.Glenn could be dominant, then JJ will be outstanding IMO.
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    Julius ran a 4.40 forty at the 2004 combine. Arrington ran a 4.41 forty at the 2005 combine (fastest for running backs this year).

    It strikes me as odd when people say that the Cowboys are slow on offense when you have Julius who is faster than any tailback coming out of college this year....Witten, Glenn, and Morgan.

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    I didn't look any numbers up... but I bet if Arrington ran a 4.41 and JJ ran a 4.40, then there is a much bigger difference in favor of Jones in the 3-cone drill and short shuttle drill. His change of direction is WAY better than Arrington's.
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    For some reason people take Keys rather slow speed and apply it everywhere- which is stupid, but so are most people. Glenn is a burner, JJ smokes, Witten is not slow- so that leaves Key who is a possession WR so speed is a nice thing to have but it is not critical.

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