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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rcaldw, Aug 29, 2005.

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    Why didn't Romo hold down the #2 spot last year over a quarterback who basically hadn't thrown a pass in three years?

    As mediocre as Henson was this preseason, I don't think I would boast about Romo beating him out. That's sort of like winning a race against someone with a bad leg.
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    You mean Henson has to earn playing time..........thats a novel idea.
    /sacarsm off

    I remember some advocating starting this cat last year :lmao2: .
    I've always been a 3-4 year guy for QBs. It's amazing how so many have gravitated to that position after Henson has stunk up the joint.

    I believed Romo neck was on the chopping block. I thought Henson had until next off-season to prove he can atleast be a solid QB, but I've reason to believe that the 3rd QB roster spot might be in jeopardy this off-season....because the overall talen on the team has been improved and players with more significant roles than 3rd string QB might be cut.

    Don't get me wrong it's the roster spot not the player that holds that spot. Romo separated himself from Henson, the players know it, the coaching staff knows it and the scouting department knows it. Jerry mentioned that Henson hadn't shown him much of anything earlier in training camp in a similar article to Jenny. Henson still hasn't shown much in practice or on the field to suggest he'll live up to the billing that came with his signing.

    I can show you other QBs with similar arm strenght or even better that will get cut or have already been cut............Rohan Davey, Chad Hutchinson etc.

    IMHO the best place for Henson this season is the practice squad followed up by NFLE next year. He threw 5000 plus passes against the air, maybe he can go to NFLE and play QB against guys of his ilk with hopes that that guy who played at Ann Hrabor might resurface. It's a gamble, he might not get through the waivers ( I think he will clear), but any roster move is a gamble.....any draft pick is a gamble.

    Its the roster spot guys...............
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    That is all Henson can control is himself, he has no say in the opportunities he gets or does not get so for now concerning himself with his own play and trying to learn as much as he can benefits himself and in the long run can benefit the team. Henson said nothing that was wrong by saying ME
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    Romo deserves his dues, he has evidently put in the work and has improved his game and when given his oppertunity in pre-season he has done a good job. I like Henson and feel he has a future with this team but today and this year it is Romo and I'll say he deserves it because he earned it.
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    I have felt all along that Jones viewed Henson as his next Aikman, and that's what is going to keep Henson on this team.
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    What will keep Henson on this team is that he's signed to a very long and cap friendly contract.

    The thing is everyone involved in this knew it was going to a long process getting Drew not only back up to speed, but progressed to the the point that he can play QB in the NFL. Obviously he hasn't gotten that far yet.

    I can see the point of those who think he should have gotten in some games last year, but I also don't think it would have made that big a deal. Henson clearly had zero clue what was going on in that Bears game, and throwing him out there for a few meaningless quarters surrounded by a team that had already thrown in the towel for the season just to get murdered would seriously have made very, very little difference in Henson's progress today.

    My 3 year old is learning to swim. I don't just toss her in the deep end to "speed up the process".

    I wish Henson was further along but I understand why he's not. If he fails to show next year - and by show I mean push Bledsoe for a starting job - then I think we have issues. But IMO anyway there is still a lot Henson can learn by watching, and he's gotta get his new mechanics sorted out anyway.

    I'm more than happy that Romo has seemed to step up this camp to a point where he can at least be a competent #2, which only takes that much more pressure off Henson to learn and gear up for next year.
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    Great post and I absolutely agree with every bit of it.
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    This is your best post on this subject IMO. Not full of chest thumping or vitrol but calm, logical and non agressive.

    Kudos. :cool:

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    A job normally reserved for you? You guys need to just stop. This guy will eventually be ready. When he is, we will see what happens. Until then, all this amounts to not much.

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    This year or three years ago when Purcells was signed? Your not the first to say 34. Your not even close to the first to say we need to be bigger. The Henson thing is what it is. You came with your tic-toc crap and you missed the boat. There was never a mystery about who would probably be named #2. Most new it by what was being reported.

    When you come out and try to act as if these were all originals from Nors, it gets under peoples skins. Mine included, many times. You know this but you do it anyway. I wonder what this suggests? Doesn't really matter.

    You'll get no due for any of these things on this board. I can personally tell you that Ben and I discussed the 34 switch and the time frame for it three years ago or so. The bigger is something that has been on this board since I joined it. The Romo vs Henson thing only got big when Carter went by the way side but many here have felt as if Romo had something for some time. Last season, when everybody wanted him gone, there were posters here saying he had something.

    Your a mystery unto yourself Nors. One day you'll get it.
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    Will anybody who has this theory please answer the following question:

    Henson was the #2 QB for 14 of 16 weeks last season. He started one of those other weeks. If Parcells is making Henson #3 because of possible future distractions (and not because of performance), then why didn't he do it last year?
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    I sensed??? LMAO
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    He sniffed it out.
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    the real problem with henson is that we overpaid for him.
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    Did you even see that game? He was terrible. As bad as our defense was last year, the only points the Bears scored came off the Henson interception. Did you notice that Vinny put up 19 second half points? He showed much worse than all of the Bears crappy qb's. Any extensive play by this guy will get us routed, completely destroy his confidence and make us the laughing-stock of the NFL. Did playing Hutch for 9 consecutive games gain us anything in 2002?
    Did playing Hutch for 5 consecutive games gain the Bears anything last year. With all that playing time, he's still so lousy that he falls behind Jeff Blake,Orton and even a scrub like Kittner in the rotation. Henson and Hutch are birds of a feather and most teams know that and wouldn't waste their time with either. That's why the Pats took Flutie and Matt Castle(sp) to be their backups to Brady. Wouldn't Henson who played with Brady be a nice backup, since they already know each other?
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    In a nutshell. It's amazing how many people think they know more about Henson than Parcell's does, when he sees him every day in practice.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I saw the game and I didn't think he played all that badly, considering.
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    Henson was #2 for 8 of 16 weeks, not 14.
  19. kartr

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    Gotta give to you on this one Nors. You hit it out of the ball park. BP will not sacrifice all the hard work of this team for just one player, who would hold everyone else back.
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    Agreed. He already jettisoned another player who fit that same description. Henson has to prove he can play before Parcells just throws him out there to "learn" at everyone else's expense.

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