Jordan Najvar TE Baylor

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by packpitts, May 11, 2014.

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    I think he is a decent signing. Baylor doesn't through much to tight ends so it is hard to get a good read on him.

    I really think James Hanna could be a surprise cut this year. I really liked him as a rookie but I thought he disappointed this past year. Not sure if Jordan is good enough to beat him out. But a versatile, well rounded tight end could give Hanna a run for his money if he doesn't show improvement in camp this year.
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    I agree as well. I think we will also see quite a year from Escobar.
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    I don't think Hanna being cut should qualify as a surprise. He is the poster boy for the type of player you are always looking to upgrade. He didn't come in with any great expectations, was kind of a surprise to make the team, he is one dimensional, and hasn't really done anything to keep is spot. I would think any decent blocking TE that could catch a little could easily take his spot. If they want to keep Copeland this year, that 3rd TE spot has to be a guy who can block and catch. There is no room for a 4th TE who can only block and there is no room for 2 purely receiving TEs behind Witten. One of those two has to be able to block a little.
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    I am gonna go the opposite route on Hannah. I think he out plays Escobar this year. I think Pope will get the best out of him. I think he was misused last year as they were hell bent on giving their 2nd rounder more opportunities. Not a lot of 250lb TE's with 4.5 speed in the league, hate to see us give up on that.

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