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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Jan 24, 2014.

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    pretty much said if anything needs to be monitored, which judge will have monitor on brent for drinking, will decide after time in jail, if he can drive or whatever, that will be the judge's decision. A lot of people had called in complaiing that brent didn't serve more time or more punishment. If he had served more than 10 years, he couldn't get probation, the mother is what clinched less time for brent, attorney said. Attorney also said that brent and he didn't discuss any dallas cowboys issue of coming back or whatever. Judge will make determination if brent violates his probation not any jury, etc... Wells an agent that knows brent better is suppose to come on at 4:30, so maybe that question will be answered if brent is thinking about coming back to the cowboys.
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    I do think everyone needs to get a 2nd chance. I think this for Jason garrett to decide if brent plays with cowboys or not. Ask the players, if he does, they will have to face that as well with critism from media, people etc... Reason I am saying that, I think was Hatcher said how the team pulled together after hearing the tragedy, but they played in a game and won. So, possibly let the players decide.

    Said brent has put people around him spiritual around him as a man, wells says, has to do this right, and not fail himself, or the mother or jerry. Wells, I know he is going to get there, with people brent has reached out to, but if get offered to play, then they will discuss later. Probation of 180 days starts today in dallas county jail. NO, we have had no discussion with the cowboys, either david wells or josh brent, attorney said same thing.

    Wells, he is a ex cowboy now, wants to be his own person, and jurors made right decision and sentencing. She lost her son, and she forgave josh, and wanted him to move on in his life and didn't want to lose 2 persons. She felt good testifying on his behalf, so josh has a lot not to fail, himself, the mother and jerry
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    SECOND CHANCE!!!!! more like a third chance, he's had a history of drinking issues in college, and after he killed his friend and team mate, he once again failed to live up to his court terms of his bail of not drinking and not smoking dope, so he's had more than his fair share of chances, he should be in a 5 by 8 cell for twenty years....

    and if you think Garrett makes decisions on players with this organization, think again, Jerry does that but hopefully the league will suspend the clown for a year..
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    Nobody should be GIVEN a second chance. They should be made to earn it.

    This guy had problems in College; DUI etc; DUI and killed someone in the pros; failed drug tests while awaiting trial.

    What indication is there that his so called remorse will last?
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    I love people that are unforgiving like they never made a mistake.
    They also come back with ,I never killed nobody.
    It's a messy world we humans live in and several forgiveness's
    sometimes are necessary. Some of the most miserable people
    I know are judgmental and critical of people.
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    Thank you that's how I feel. Having goin through this 13 years ago with 5 childhood friends and 3 that were killed in a manslaughter case against the driver of the car. I can sympathize with Josh and their families came together and support Marcus in trial and brought our community together. I hope Josh can use this tragedy to move forward and be the uncle/Godfather that JBs daughter needs him to see. I would also like to see him take an active role in speaking with HS students about the dangers of drinking and driving.
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    What Josh has is a disease.

    Not a will to kill.

    I understand this stuff better than maybe some here.

    Have a very close nephew who is 43 now but has been in AA since he was 23.

    Its something he has to go to meetings during the day at times to put away his urges to drink.

    He handles it but its a struggle, he's married now with 3 year old son.

    Also had a fiance who drank and she would have one too many and she would pass out like a person shot with a pistol.

    It was dangerous for her and she finally got a DUI for passing out behind the wheel in the parking lot of a restaurant.

    She was trying to call me to come get her when she passed out and I never got the call.

    Or I would have come to take her home.

    She got help after that.

    Her disease ended our plans for marriage as I had problems depending on her.

    So it ain't pretty.

    But my point is its well known what a problem alcoholism is.

    How to help them fix it is always the challenge.
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    Please, do not turn this into an argument over the issues which many have repeatedly discussed in other threads on Josh Brent. If you insist there is a thread started in the Rant Zone.
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    I thought he got a 180 day sentence in jail, and the remainder of a 10 year sentence on supervised probation??

    The reality is that he will porbably be going through the mill for the next 10 years. Unless he's in the 10% who succeed, he will be in the other 90% who never make it through probation without going back under a few times. History has shown this guy has little if any discipline around a bottle.
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    Goodell is going to suspend him a year anyway.
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    Moot point right now.

    Hes got some dues to pay and after that..let's see.

    For now..the subject needs to close.

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