News: Josh Brent status ruling likely soon

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    By Todd Archer |

    IRVING, Texas -- Josh Brent's status on the Dallas Cowboys' roster is expected to be determined before the team travels to training camp next week, according to a NFL spokesman.

    The Cowboys will fly to Oxnard, Calif., on July 19 and hold their first practice July 21.

    The defensive tackle is currently eligible to take part in practice even though he did not take part in the offseason conditioning program, organized team activities and minicamp in the spring. The team has prepared as if Brent would not play in 2013 but has been waiting for the league office to make a ruling.

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    I'll be honest, I hope he can resume playing for us as we desperately need some rotational beef and talent on the DL.
    Yes he made a horrible horrible mistake but he's clearly not a heinous premeditated murderer like Hernandez.
    If you look historically at the League's paltry punishments for the exact same thing.....I think if Dallas is willing to give Brent another chance, the League's punishment shouldn't end his career....based solely on historical precedence....(Leonard Little, Stallworth, etc).
    However, the main thing to take into account and worry about will be the League's other historical precedence that has stood the test of time: its clear bias against Dallas.
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    Brent has a long history of alcohol abuse, and it appears drugs may be part of his repetoire, too, with his recent positive tests.

    Cut football ties and move on.
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    This. He is not reliable and he is a distraction. Time to move on.

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