Josh Johnson Interview

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    Josh Johnson Interview

    Quarterback - San Diego

    By: Tony Conty


    Tony Conty: What kinds of schools showed you interest when you were playing your high school ball in Oakland?

    Josh Johnson: Small D1 schools but nothing serious, but USD and St. Mary’s showed the most interest and then when St. Mary’s dropped their program I made my decision to come to USD.

    Tony Conty: What current NFL Quarterbacks do you admire?

    Josh Johnson: I admire 4 different quarterbacks and all for different reasons. I admire Tom Brady, because he a winner and possesses great leadership, Peyton Manning because the way he plays the position of quarterback and always dissects the defensive. Donovan Mcnabb, because he has the ability to run but he excels in the passing game and he alone makes the eagles a playoff team. Also Michael Vick, before the recent events occurred, because his exciting and excellent playmaking ability.

    Tony Conty: Your stats against Dayton (26-31, 4 TDs, 3 rushing TDs) were phenomenal. Can you tell when you are "in the zone" and that you are going to have a big game?

    Josh Johnson: Yea I guess you can say that, but it depends on the magnitude of the game, the bigger or real easy to get up for and that day was the first we sold our stadium and I never had felt that type of atmosphere before at home

    Tony Conty: You have great stats as a QB, but also great athleticism. Do you fear that teams may try to use you at a position other than QB?

    Josh Johnson: Nah I don’t think so because if you watch me play, I don’t play like a scrambler. All my runs came from defenses dropping out 7 or 8 in coverage and that leaves running lanes. I only had 2 design run plays for me last yr that were called. I pass first always and I can make every throw accurately.

    Tony Conty: Describe what it is like playing for a former successful NFL QB like Jim Harbaugh.

    Josh Johnson: It was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Before coming I knew a little about football but now my knowledge of the game is outstanding and much greater. I can see things on the field that I never imagined and I feel like understand the game enough on the collegiate level, that my coaches and teammates joke around calling me a second coach.

    Tony Conty: You are listed on "watch lists" for this coming season. Are you the type of player that listens to what the "experts" say about you or do you try to tune that out?

    Josh Johnson: I’m a sports fan so I hear things but at the same time I know everyone has entitled to their opinion and in the end what happens with me will be determined by what I do on and off the field and .

    Tony Conty: What would you say to those who downplay your success due to your status as a Division I-AA player?

    Josh Johnson: It’s ok with me, I know it’s not the SEC but I can only play against who’s on the schedule and when my opportunity comes for me to be around the top talent I will prove that I belong

    Tony Conty: Your team was well-represented in the All-Conference Pioneer League teams last season on both sides of the ball.
    With all of that talent, how competitive do the practice fields get?

    Josh Johnson: Our practices are very competitive every day. Both sides take pride in winning against the other and it makes practice very hard and it allows us to have an easy transition to the game

    Tony Conty: You were unanimously selected as Offensive Player of the Year in your conference. How much stock do you put in individual awards?

    Josh Johnson: I feel blessed that I can receive honors such as those but I don’t set goals out to win them, that’s why every award goes to my mom because it’s my way of saying thank you. I put a lot of emphasis on getting my teammates recognized and if my individual can bring more notice them then its fine with me

    Tony Conty: You have great height by NFL standards, but are a little lighter than the average NFL QB. Are you hoping to play at your current size or are you trying to bulk up?

    Josh Johnson: I've been bulking up since I first got into college; I just started at a small weight. I was 166 pounds as freshmen and last year I played at 188 and this year I’m up to 200 pounds, so I’m working to add more weight because 200 pounds is not near enough.

    Tony Conty: After going 11-0 last year, how are expectations for this coming season?

    Josh Johnson: The same as last year, try and take it 1 game at a time and never look past any team and try and go undefeated this year and hopefully make the playoffs

    Tony Conty: Which teammates of yours should expect to her their names called in the draft next year?

    Josh Johnson: I think our Defensive End Eric Baktarhari is going to be a steal for someone because he is a beast and our wide receiver Wes Doyle also has a shot with the way he catches the ball and makes plays

    Tony Conty: How much thought did you give to coming out early last year?

    Josh Johnson: I gave no thought of it. That was the worst rumor ever started because I never even played around about coming out.

    Tony Conty: What is your opinion on how the NFL is currently handling off-the-field issues and arrests?

    Josh Johnson: I think it’s smart because although no one is perfect and everybody messes up but when you constantly make bad decisions that means they need to learn a lesson.

    Tony Conty: Self-promote. What should teams know about you that would convince them to select you early next year?

    Josh Johnson: I have played in a NFL system my whole career college, there was no simplifying the playbook with Coach Harbaugh and also because of him my knowledge for playing the position of quarterback has grown tremendously and physically I can make any throw that is asked of me. I can both, mentally and physically handle the position of quarterback and if you don’t believe so just give me the opportunity
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    I wanted him before this interview....and I definitely want him after this interview....if he is there in the 4th or 5th round.......I would love to draft him.
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    Hey, good for you for goin' and doin' some research on the guy, Nors...

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