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    Mauro was not on a lot of pre-season scouting lists, but when you watch tape, he jumps out at you with his effort and consistency. Because of injuries to many of Stanford’s defensive lineman, Mauro has lined up at all three defensive line positions this year.
    Mauro is a fifth-year senior and a two-year starter. He is listed at being 6’6 – 282, and he has the frame to easily carry 300 pounds. He has good arm length, plays with strength, and is a fairly good athlete. While he is not extremely fast, he has quickness, stays on his feet, and is a top competitor.
    Mauro gets off the ball quickly, and with his quick first step and power, he can get penetration and disrupt the run game. With his strength, he usually wins the battle at the line of scrimmage, and can gain ground. He takes good angles in pursuit and will make some pursuit plays because of his aggressive attitude on the field.
    He doesn’t show many moves as a pass rusher, but he is able to push the pocket and never stops coming. While he may not get a lot of sacks, he will get pressures.
    Mauro is not a top talent, but he is the type of player that most teams want. While he may never be a starter, he is the type of player that can be effective as a sole player in a rotation. I see him as a “C” level player (fifth – seventh) rounds who still needs some development but should still play early in his career.
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    I like the agressive description.
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    I seen him play in couple games - I like him he is disruptive - esp if we can pick him late
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    Cowboys love arm length on the DLs.

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