News: Journal Times: Romo cautious heading into 2013

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    In 1998, he was a freshman quarterback at Eastern Illinois University who still had designs of also playing college basketball.

    In 2003, he was a rookie free agent with the Dallas Cowboys who worked tirelessly over the next three years to convince initially skeptical owner Jerry Jones that he possessed the mojo to succeed.

    And in 2013, Tony Romo might just be the most intriguing player in the NFL.

    Call the 1998 Burlington High School graduate a lightning rod for controversy for a refreshing reason. During an offseason that has seen the arrests of more than 30 NFL players, this controversy is based simply on Romo’s personal success not translating into Super Bowl championships so far.

    That spotlight has intensified to overwhelming proportions these days because Romo happens to earn his living in an especially football-crazed state and draws his paychecks from a franchise with a New York Yankees-like heritage.

    There are two Romo camps. His supporters say he’s the fifth-rated quarterback in NFL history behind only Aaron Rodgers, Steve Young, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. And that he’s passed for 25,737 yards and 177 touchdowns in just six-plus seasons. And that Jones obviously doesn’t believe Romo is the issue considering the billionaire owner just made a six-year, $108 million investment in his 33-year-old quarterback.

    And then there are Romo’s detractors, who counter all of the above with a simple declaration: That man has one playoff victory on his resume.

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    Go get 'em Tony
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    I'd love to think that the 'Boys are about to debut a Saints style no huddle or extreme tempo offense, but part of me is fearful of Tony in that role to be honest. But truthfully Tony needs go for broke at this point in his career, and I think he knows it too. Turn him loose.
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    I'd love to see some no huddle sprinkled in during games. It doesn't have to be the mainstay of the offense. But put it in once in a while to keep defenses off balance.

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