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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by chicago JK, Apr 23, 2004.

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    Did anyone hear the ESPN guys on the draft preview show just trash Losman? It was hilarious and something ESPN the talking heads try to stay clear of. They had a video diary of JP over the past several months as JP was going through the workouts with different teams. Stink on ESPN said something like he 11 year old daughter is more mature. Before that Hodge just ripped his playing style. JP didn't sound too convincing when he talked either. I had a hard time believing he could be a leader of men in the NFL. Man, I am glad we got Henson to give us hope. If not, we may have been arguing if we should draft JP at number 22. He has Mike Martz pick all over him. Just watch.
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    I watched and they did seem to bash him. I sorta know JP from my neighbor. Apparently it's his cousin which is true.. He showed me family pictures with them all in there. Like the Draft Special said the Packers are talking to JP a lot lately. Atleast this is coming from my neighbor who talks to him couple times a week. Although he talks about him alot he never really said how Immature he is. The little segment they did on him shows that alittle too much I think.

    He should find himself in the Packers Uni or maybe even Rams Uni.
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    I think the Rams are probably gonna take him. Oh well.
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    Could this guy be like a Patrick Ramsey type of Qb ? Late 1st or 2nd round pick but good QB ? Honestly, have never seen him play but the reports on him are pretty nice.
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    He reminds me of #4, strong arm, cocky and good mobility.
  6. RatisBeast

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    Seriously ? Wow, where do you see him going ?
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    I bet you anything the Bills will find a way to get him
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    You got your wish!!
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