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    Johnny Cash still walks the line

    It seems the unforgettable Johnny Cash is still lingering around. This young teen sounds exactly like the legendary music star.

    Johnny Cash has returned to the music industry, well sort of.

    Astonishingly, Vince Mira a 15-year-old from Washington, sounds exactly like the legendary country star. His familiar-sounding voice was discovered when he was playing for loose change at a market in Seattle.

    He sounds so much like Johnny Cash that he earned the nickname “Juanny Cash.”

    Since his discovery, Mira has made appearances on Good Morning America and the Ellen DeGeneres Show. He also traveled to Nashville to record a CD.

    Johnny Cash fans may be comforted by the live voice that resonates with their admired legend.

    Four record labels are interested in the young teen.

    However, Mira does not want everyone to think that he is solely a tribute singer. He writes and performs his own music as well.

    Perhaps Johnny Cash wasn’t ready to stop singing. You be the judge and decide whether Mira really sounds like one of the greatest marvels in country music.

    One the Web: Juanny Cash
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    That was cool. Ring of fire is one of my favorite country songs.
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    Love me some Johnny Cash, but honestly, I didn't think he sounded a lot like him.

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