Julius, Henson, and QC videos

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by jdnalls, May 7, 2004.

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    Excuse the ignorance, but what are .rbn files? Do I need a special player for them? Thanks for the post!
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    It's rbn.com. The files are .rm or RealOne player.
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    It's a RealPlayer file.
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    Thanks, JD. I had not seen those before.
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    thanks jd :D
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    thanx, dude! I left the PC's alone, but that CBS report is the good stuff. I like to see JJ getting that catch and run, even if it IS against nobodies without pads. DH looks pretty crisp.
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    "Personally I see good things from Quincy Carter so, I'm kinda pulling for him" - Roger Staubach.

    Interesting. I figured he would of said something like "May the best QB win". I guess he really sees something in QC. Unless he's just a Quincy Apologist. :D
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    Oh behave...Roger obviously doesn't have a clue. :D
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    Ok maybe its just me, but if and when we can get closeup picture of Drew with Helmet on and compare that picture with Aikman, especially when they have that intense look. Its really uncanny how similar they look.

    Ever since I saw him in Michigan, I always thought him to be another Aikman, although most comparison to talent was to Elway. Never thought Cowboys will have a chance to have him, but thought he would be ideal guy to pick up where Aikman left off.

    Ok, now down from the pipe dreams, lets hope Drew is at least above avg QB in NFL.
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    I just saw the CBS clip for the 1st time. I wish DirectTv would offer alternate regional coverage to their subscribers. I wouldn't mind paying an extra amount (within reason) to get local DFW channels.

    Here's what the 2 Greatest QBs in Cowboy History had to say about the QB situation.

    Roger Staubach:"It will be a interesting to see how the battle emerges. It's a little bit like Craig Morton and myself. Personally, I see good things in Quincy Carter, so I am (or ahh) kinda pulling for him

    Troy Aikman:I don't think it's good for the Cowboys, if he (Henson) is playing early because it probably means the team is not playing well or Quincy is not playing particularly well

    The Dodger sees some good things in Carter and is pulling for him whilst some fans and mediots haven't seen anything good in Carter and have already annointed Henson.

    Troy basically stated (In his opinion) the success (atleast for now and the near future) of the Cowboys depends on Carter's play.

    It's amazing. Randy Galloway a beat writer who has never suited up or played the position in question can get so much support for his "2005 Mantra", but when 2 of the greatest QBs ever to play the position take a stance that shows support for Carter very few fans acknowledge or agree with it. :eek:
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    Good point. Staubach and Aikman's record as talent evaluators and coaches is unparalled. I am sure they must be right.
  13. Charles

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    I don't whether or not they are right. I just know there opinion carries more wieght than Randy Galloway. Infact Galloways opinion should not be in the same sentence as Staubachs and Troys opinions :D .
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    thanks JD ...
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    Last time Troy helped evaluate talent we drafted David LaFleur.
  16. Go Big D!

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    I also thought it was interesting to hear what Staubach and Aikman
    had to say about QC. These videos weren't well recieved at SSD
    due to the couple of flame threads that were going on at the time.

    I'm glad you guys appreciated them :)

    Hey Rack, miss ya tons!
    If you ever get a minute I have something to tell you...
  17. Go Big D!

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    and BTW, nice place you have over here.
    I may drop in more often ;)

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