Julius highlights from MNF (video clips)

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by JDSmith, Dec 9, 2004.

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    Man that's just breathtaking. I love that delayed handoff (more or less a draw play.) With his burst and cutting ability that's very hard to defend.
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    First and foremost, your generosity in putting this video together is always much appreciated.

    Secondly, I can't help but notice a couple of things:

    1. On many of Julius' big runs, the yards weren't gained by running through the designed run. This is a combination of a couple things:

    a. Julius has great vision as a rookie. He's not running scared and knows that there's more ways than one to skin a cat.
    b. For only being his third game, he has great anticipation of his lineman's blocking.
    c. The WR's are blocking very physically and well, helping to spring Julius from 7 yard runs to 13 yard runs.

    d. One thing that separates Julius from Emmitt, I believe Julius' acceleration, agility and top speed are significantly better. In the upcoming games, I'd like to see if Julius' balance and catching ability match/surpass Emmitt's.
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    thanks for the great clips !
  4. Everlastingxxx

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    Julius has a way of shifting directions. I think he is hard to locate because of his size and has a surprising burst through the hole.

    I also noticed Keyshawn is slow to his blocks on running downs, possible costing touchdowns. Morgan, Crayton and Witten did a great job of downfield blocking. Allen also tripped on one play, costing a possible touchdown.
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    Thanks JD.

    It's said already, but Julius has great anticipation of what his O-Line is going to do on their block. That by it self is pretty impressive for a Rookie RB in his 3rd game.

    I know it's early, but he will be somthing special.
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    Thanks! It was great watching these once I downloaded the Codec. He is cerainly impressive. The only time I saw him leave yds on the field was in 08jjs when Copper was blocking for him JJ busted it to the inside when I think he could have taken it to the house by bouncing outside. Just my opion tho. :D
  7. starfrombirth

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    Did anyone else notice this? :D
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    I think you are right, that Julius would have been better served to pop that outside on that run. But don't forget, it was third and 8. I think Julius was, first and foremost, thinking about getting the first down so we would have a chance to continue the drive. If he doesn't get it we've got to try the field goal for the tie. And Julius doesn't have the benefit of the yellow line on the field, he's got to guess where the first down marker is. So I think he went conservative and ran downhill at that point to make sure he got the first down.
  9. starfrombirth

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    That makes sense. :D

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