Julius Jones 2.1 (video)

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by JDSmith, Apr 7, 2005.

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    Awsome work JD! :clap:

    I can't wait to see JJ run again!
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    Awwwww, man. Let's lace em up right now and get the season started. Man, this get's me ready. Thanks for the clips. Wonderful job, JD.
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    There have been a few people who just can't seem to get the divx version to work. For them I converted it to windows media player 9 and uploaded it. If you already got the divx version you don't need to download this, they are the exact same thing just with different codecs. I'm doing the Witten video in wmv as well but don't have it uploaded yet.

    Windows media version of JJ 2.1
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    Julius is the man. I hope he stays healthy all year.
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    THUMPER Papa

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    I noticed two things that Julius needs to work on...

    1. He carries the ball almost exclusively in his right hand, only saw one or two runs where he had it in his left. Teams will figure out that tendancy and learn to knock it out if he's not careful.

    2. He needs to develop a good stiff-arm. Saw several tackles that he could have avoided if he would have used a good stiff-arm on the guy. Emmitt did a good job with his and was able to shed guys a lot of times.

    Other than that, julius looks extremely good! Unbelieveable acceleration, excellent balance and vision, great moves and lateral ability, and hits the hole quickly. Man I'm excited about this season!
  7. JDSmith

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    I'm not to worried about which hand he carries the ball in. Emmitt carried the ball almost exclusively in his left hand and fumbling never became a problem for him.

    Now for the reason Emmitt liked to carry the ball in his left hand - so he could use his right arm to shrug off and deflect blockers. I have never seen another RB use his arm better than Emmitt did. Not just stiffarms, go back and watch Emmitt run and you always see him pushing guys' arms down with his right arm to shed arm tackles and keep space between him and defenders. If I was Jerry Jones I'd have Emmitt in here in the offseason working specifically on that with Julius, because Emmitt was truly the master of using his free arm to fend off would be tacklers.
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    Nice. You don't need to compress AVIs. They already are, so you don't need to zip them up. And nice music in the background. Satch is great.
  9. JDSmith

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    I zip them because it prevents people from opening them directly. Asking people to 'right click and save' often doesn't work and you have dozens of people streaming your video - which leads to bandwidth problems. Zipping is an easy solution.
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    How about a one section of the forums for all the great videos that we've compiled? I just heard about the Witten Video and can't wait to see it. Let's make a section where all we do is list the vids, no replys, keep it real clean......what'd ya say??
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    Nice job with this! We surely see what BP seen in him, his ability to cut while not slowing down. They one thing I noticed is that about 85% of these runs were to the left side, the other were up the middle. I think there were 2 to the right. (One of those agianst the Giants had Vollers holding). Hopefully, the addition of Rivera helps balance this. Especially if he could possibly push Flozell to play with a tad of Big E's nastyness. Then we'd be outright scary.
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    You must put a ton of work into these, thanks a lot, we appreciate it.
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    nothing wouldnt come up

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