Julius Jones ESPN Highlites *VIDEO*

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by Catch-22, Apr 26, 2004.

  1. Skeptic

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    Sweet. Good job man.

    Thanks a lot.
  2. The Fonz

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    indeed nice thanks man have a beer on me
  3. es22

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    Please do not compare JuJones to air tacke Hambrick
  4. cowboyfreak

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    I likey..I likey
  5. jdnalls

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  6. Mike 1967

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    4th in School History in total rushing yards (3,018) and he missed his junior season and split time his senior season....behind a suspect line.

    The more I look....the more I like
  7. RatisBeast

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    Share the same feeling as you on that. Im liking this guy more and more. :D
  8. Mavs Man

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    Thanks a lot, Catch. Good stuff.
  9. jamez25

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    awesome job !
  10. Sarge

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    Thanks - looked good.

    A good friend of mine who wnt to ND said we are going to be very happy w/the pick.

    We'll see.
  11. Bach

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    They should put a 1 in front of Marcus's 5 ;)
  12. Rocco

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    Thanks for the clip! The kids seems to have enough moves and I especially liked the way he moved the ball to his outside arm on that first run. I can't wait to see this guy in action in a Cowboys uni..
  13. BrownSugar

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    That was great!! Is this your new handle, Dogo?
  14. btcutter

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    Excellent balance and bounces off tacklers instead of falling down like THam. I love the highlights that showed he can break tackles....something we didn't have for past two yrs.
  15. adbutcher

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    The more I see him run, the more my mind is put at ease. My only regret is that I didn't get to see more of him last season. One thing I noticed is his feet are constantly moving and blades of grass :) nor arm tackles slows him down much. I am not saying he will be Emmitt reincarnate but man he sure does remind me of him.
  16. trickblue

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    Great job Catch-22... thanks... these videos are hard to find... are are a couple of streaming vids I found yesterday...

    J. Jones Vids
  17. SoTex

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    Much appreciated Catch.
    I like the way JJ was running through arm tackles and hitting the hole hard in those clips. The one thing I noticed while watching a couple of ND games this year, was JJ's legs never stop moving. Damn good motor on that kid.
  18. AdamJT13

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    Does the downloadable clip (from ESPN's draft coverage) seem stretched horizontally for anyone else? Or just me?

    Also, he had a great run in the Senior Bowl that would make a nice clip. He ran wide left, juked a defensive end (Florida's Bobby McCray), ran past him easily, then ran downfield and plowed into a defensive back (Florida's Guss Scott), knocking him out of the game. It was a nice blend of speed, moves and power, all in one run.
  19. Catch-22

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    nope, I'm not Dogo :cool:

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