Julius Jones estimates

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Hiero, Apr 25, 2004.

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    Exactly. Start calling our future starter at RB a moron is a GREAT way to ensure that "nobody should even care about it in the first place".
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    I can see this guy being a Dave Megget type all purpose back. He'll get about 1000 yards on almost 300 carries this year. Next year he'll probably split time but he'll be a great (hopefully) KR/PR. He should be a guy with a long career, good special teams player, guy who can catch out of the backfield and be a change of pace back when we get a legitimate starter.
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    get over it guys, this is going to turn into that QC crap where every thread turns into 100+ replies of garbage. keep on topic about what u think JJ will do.
  4. Rack Bauer

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    By the way, I predict over 250 carries, probably around 1100 yards, and about 4.2 per carry to go along with 8 rushing TDs. I don't think he'll catch too many passes his first year cuz we have an excellent recieving RB already.
  5. blindzebra

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    You started the QC-like crap, so why not follow your own advice and give us your prediction.
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    Once again... you call me on my stupidity my friend...

    Hope things are well in Iraq... again... thanks for being there for us... and stay safe!

    If you get home by next season... I will treat you to a Cowboy game in person...
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    Isn't the smartest guy?

    He goes to ND, You must not know much about that college but it has very strick academic requirements. You have to have very good grades just to get accepted.

    He wouldn't have had problems if he went to most other colleges
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    Tell your other personality that I think he can be an *** sometimes.
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    He sounds alot like SBK
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    Julius Jones Numbers

    Yards Avg TD'S Receptions Yards Rec TD'S

    1,209 4.5 9 35 312 2
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    It appears you are the moron. The kid has got skillz and he went to ND, last time I checked it was a great school. :D

    40 rec
    4.0 yds a carry.

    A Huge improvement over Hambrick who always looked for that soft patch of grass to fall on. :eek:
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    Terry Bradshaw evidently couldn't spell CAT if spotted the C and T ...but he won 4 SB's...

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