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Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by jacs, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. jacs

    jacs I'd Hit It

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    I had some free time and i tried to master my photoshop skills (long way till i get there) and i made a JJ wallpaper and use it if you want.

    And if you find something wrong with it or something that i can add please let me know :D

  2. LatinG187

    LatinG187 Defense Wins Championships

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    That is now my new wallpaper.Too bad I won't be around long enough to enjoy it.Nice work jacs.
  3. azcowboy

    azcowboy Member

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    man that looks great jacs!! I just put it up on my background!! Good job buddy!!
  4. Cajuncowboy

    Cajuncowboy Preacher From The Black Lagoon

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    Very cool. Thanks. It is now proudly displayed on my desktop.

    THEHEREAFTER Well-Known Member

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    Perfect! My new wallpaper!
  6. jacs

    jacs I'd Hit It

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    thank you guys for the comments [​IMG]
  7. Rayman

    Rayman Member

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    Great Job!!

    Keep em comming.
  8. Irvinite

    Irvinite New Member

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    Good job Jacs..
  9. SacredStar

    SacredStar Well-Known Member

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    That is sweet jacs. Great job!!
  10. jamez25

    jamez25 Active Member

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    very nice....thanks !

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