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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Verdict

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    Let's suppose the cowboys select only one offensive lineman in the draft, a guard, with their first overall pick in the draft (even if it is in a slight trade down or 5 spots or less). What difference would you expect it to make next year?

    Let's also assume the same situation exists, but this time it is for an OT, maybe even in a slight trade up. What difference would you expect it to make in our line next year?
  2. dexternjack

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    If an off lineman is picked with the 1st, I expect him to start next season no matter what position. Also, expect him to have an immediate impact. Anything less will not be good.
  3. 44cowboys22

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    Both Kunz & DeCastro started this year......we could of had both, but thats another old thread.

    I would expect that 1st rd G pick to start from game 1
  4. Verdict

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    Actually what I meant in my original post was how much improvement would you expect to see in the overall effectiveness of the offensive line with the addition of just one draft pick.
  5. Wolfpack

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    I think you have to do something to expect a change in the OL you had from last year. The offense was sluggish all year with poor OL play and you ranked 31st in rushing yards.

    Draft a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round interior guy that can start over the chum you have there right now. Also, you should be able to bring in back up quality guys after the 4/5th round.
  6. cowboyeric8

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    Haha funny you started this thread the day Larry got chosen. He was "just a guard" too.
  7. Picksix

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    As bad as the OL was this year, I think getting a really good player at one position would definitely help, whether it be guard or tackle. But if we're still as weak at 2-3 other spots, overall I don't see it making huge difference, just because if you still have others blowing assignments, the offense continues to be limited.
  8. Verdict

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    You obviously don't understand context. I meant if we just draft one guard for the line and nothing else.
  9. 4lifecowboy

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    it would depend on the guard. But slowing down opposition's ability to send pressure up the middle would be a good start, another 2 sec to go thru his options for romo would be golden. an ability to open the designed hole would give Murray an extra few yards per carry.
  10. MichaelWinicki

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    The challenge is that most rookie offensive linemen will not be better at guard than what Dallas offered in 2012. That's just how it is, there will be a couple rookie linemen that come in and play very well, like Glenn did in Buffalo this season. However most rookie linemen that started didn't leave much of an impression. Does that mean they are longterm failures? No of course not. Some of these rookies will take their games up a notch or two over the coming seasons.

    But the fact is I don't think you're going to fix the guard woes through the draft, not for 2013– maybe for 2014 and thereafter, but not for this coming season.

    If there's an upgrade it will have to come through the guys already on the team or through free agency (like one of the NY Jet guards).

    Bottom line is that the Cowboys need to add a couple more offensive linemen through the draft but I wouldn't get my hopes up about them drafting any that will make a big contribution in 2013.
  11. Prossman

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    Warmack would give a strongside that we have not had since "Hall of famer" Larry Allen was here. Barrett Jones would give us a Guy who could handle all the line calls, snap correctly,and hold his own verses bigger nts, like we have not had since Stepnowski/Donaldson era. One Off lineman could make a big difference but 2-3 would do wonders in 2013 and the future.
  12. Tex

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    We need any signs of improvement but remember even many high draft picks on the OL dont excel their rookie years. This is a long term investment we just have to make.

    Adding a couple actual STARTERS not scrubs we hope we can make into starters like we did last year in FA would probably help more NEXT YEAR.

    We dont need all super stars on that OL. But adding a center and a guard that has been an actual effective STARTER in this league on a decent OL would help more then a really top rookie will probably next year.

    If our OL improves a ton next year it will probably come from within and hopefully a FA signing or two. We dont need All-Pro's across that line! We need solid guys. A top 10/12 type guard and center would be HUGE here. But even the best rookie guard in the draft may not be a top 10 type guard NEXT YEAR. Its an investment. Short term the help has to come within and through free agency I'm afraid.

    Last year we had ONE top 10/12 type guy. We need to add at least one veteran that will be that type of guy along with a TOP rookie.

  13. Prossman

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    I would love for them to address it like they did corner a year ago sign one and draft one high.... at least. Zeitler, konz and decastro all started for their teams by years end and played well. there is no reason this years class couldn't do the same.
  14. BIGDen

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    I like your thinking. FA OL and a high draft pick OL improves that area significantly. Throw in a DL with one of those first 2 picks (as well as the healthy return of multiple defensive starters) and we've got a team ready to pull of a few more wins IMO.
  15. zrinkill

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    I hope they pick the best player regardless of position
  16. MichaelWinicki

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    And that's really the bottom line here, picking the best player.

    I do not want to see the Cowboys force any selections.

    If the the three clearly best players the first three rounds were:


    Then I'm taking those players.

    If you have a QB tied with a DE and a Guard... Then of course you have to consider one of the lineman.
  17. xwalker

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    In other words, how would the OLine be affected if they added either Warmack or Cooper to the roster, but no other new OLinemen?

    Just adding 1 OLineman could make a huge difference, IMO.

    Bernadeau at times last year, got both overpowered and beaten by quickness.

    Rookie OLineman are not going be perfect; however, I don't see Warmack getting over-powered and I don't see Cooper getting beaten by quickness. These 2 players are elite at their position. IMO, they are better at their position (OG) than Joeckel is at his position (OT).

    Replacing Bernadeau with one of these players is like replacing Shante Carver with DeMarcus Ware.

    Keep in mind that there is possibility of getting better at the other OLine positions with players already on the roster.

    Parnell is better than Free now and has a very high upside. He just needs the experience.

    Cook didn't catch the scorn of fans/media like Costa did the previous year because his problems were not as obvious while watching the game in real-time. He didn't screw up the shotgun snaps and he didn't make a large number of screw ups in pass protection; however, on review of game footage, he just cannot run block. Some 6-6 guys like Leonard Davis can play on the interior of the OLine; however, many like Cook just can't overcome the leverage disadvantage.

    It's possible that either Costa, Kowalski or even Bernadeau could be an upgrade at Center.

    2013 Starting OL with 1 top OG draft pick:

    Tyron Smith
    Warmack or Cooper
    Nate Livings (keep rookie LG at his college position and vet next to Parnell)
    Jermey Parnell

    My biggest concern is Center. There will be many options in the mid to late rounds of the draft to get a RT to compete with and backup at RT. There are also a very large number of projected lowish cost Free Agent OTs; however, quality Centers rarely if ever make it to Free Agency. In the draft, there are only 3 Centers that might be day-1 starters, IMO (unless Cooper can player Center, then there would be 4).

  18. burmafrd

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    if that is all that is available then we need to trade down and get more picks. Because frankly we should not invest in a RB in the first 4 rds and there are no QBs realistically worth it in this draft. If a guard or center or tackle is available that we have rated highly then take him. Maybe not BPA but as long as have done our homework right then he should be a good player.
  19. MichaelWinicki

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    I have no issues with trading down, provided you can get reasonable value for the pick.

    The last couple years the Cowboys haven't wavered much from BPA, I doubt that they would deviate from that for a lineman.
  20. RS12

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    Any O Lineman picked at any position in the first two rounds would dramatically improve the running game IMO. I can think of between 5 and 10 guys off the top of my head. I still think they need to take the highest rated player on the board when they pick regardless.

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