Just a guard man, just a guard...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Feb 2, 2013.

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    I normally hate tradedowns. I prefer to get 1 elite player over 2 good players. But with our need for Olinemen, especially guards who usually drop further in drafts than they really should, I am all for it this year.
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    If the Cowboys find a way to free up enough money this year & future years, then I would do whatever it takes to sign Andy Levitre if he isn't franchised, which I am thinking they will tag Byrd instead, if unable to agree to a contract.
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    This was the type of response I was looking for when I made my original post. I am also wondering if it is easier for a guy like Lane Johnson to make an immediate starter at right tackle than a rookie guard might due to the fact that speed and technique seem more important to the tackle position, where at guard it seems that strength is slightly more important and necessary.
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    Its always interesting to me year after year how people want to reach for a need position come draft time, when that strategy has shown to be an absolute failure time and time again in the draft.

    Only time need should be on the level of BPA is if you are drafting in the top 5-10, otherwise your looking at the best player for your total football team. There isn't a single position group on this team that couldn't use youth or a contract cut for youth.

    I certainly hope this team continues what it has done from 2010 on by going after the best player they could get, and not listen to all this need based draft screaming and yelling cause that is a sure way to fail. If the player is a guard, draft him, but stick to the actual Cowboys board and not some internet 'gurus' board of what he thinks should happen cause he read it on some website cause contrary to some people beliefs on this board.....point blank, they do know more about the players than you do.

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