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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by poke, Dec 8, 2005.

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    for all the debaters........i have no stats
    for all the doom and gloomers.......i havent drunk the kool-aid
    for anybody else........i am going with my gut on this one, we are at HOME,
    we are in dire NEED of a WIN, and I honestly think we WILL get it.

    I am even going to say that our OFFENSIVE LINE is going to play BETTER.
    just a hunch but i just imagine they are getting plenty of attention
    from the coaches this week. i think its going to show up in Sundays game.

    And besides, when an area is percieved as a weakness, i like to pull even
    harder for them to do great. I have decided to put Rob Pettiti up as my background to represent the whole OL. he is the only lineman choice offered
    so this week he is my background.
    This isnt a post so i can come in Monday and say "i told you so"....this is
    just my heartfelt feeling of what to expect Sunday.

    AND...i will be in section 13 yelling my fool head off so the crowd will sound
    loud on TV and people won't be able to say Texas Stadium crowds are too
    NO WAY am i getting down on a 7-5 team that still has a great shot at getting in the playoffs. Bring on the Chiefs...

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