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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cas2800, Sep 20, 2005.

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    Take a breather Boys. Contrary to what some say, this is a very young team. Great teams are built after tasting tough losses. This team will rebound and learned a tough lesson last night. They WILL play hard for 60 minutes. Some of you are full of gloom and doom. I guess if you were Eagles fans you would have thought the world was ending after last weekends loss. What happened? The Eagles bounced back this week. Thats what good teams do. Now were left to wait and see what the Cowboys will do from here on out. My money says they are left with a ****ty taste in their mouths wont like the taste and will bounce back.

    Its tough to say, but this team probably learned a bigger lesson by losing this game they they would have learned if they won.

    I was at both this years Redskin game as i was at last years game. Its sad to say, but we won last years game just like they won this years game.

    I feel very optimist about this team. They are young and talented. They just learned a tough love lesson.

    I'll post some pics as soon as i get them downloaded.
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    That's the spirit! Now let's hope we learned something about this loss and kick some 49ner azzes! :clap:
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    If we lose to San Franciso I will cry. Seriously, I'll weep big golfball sized tears like Manuel Wright in a Miami Training Camp.
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    :lmao2: Too funny, man! I hope it doesn't come down to that - hate to see a grown man cry. :eek:

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    what did you think of ware, canty, and spears?
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    Very excited about those guys I think they will be very good for years to come
    The still need to learn,but Canty is a freak man just a plain freak he was a steal at where we got him. :star:
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    Sorry about that you were asking him
    I am sorry.
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    Excellent post. This is how I feel. I am bummed we lost to the skins. But I am positive and upbeat about the boys. I can see the team they could become in them and I like it. The Offense really needs some help at QB for the long run, but our most recent draft has sparked an optomism that we can fill anyhole through draft or trade. Remember Jerrys a dealer and a smart one now with an eye on the cap in everything he does. We may not be a serious contender this year, but in 1990 we were not either, this team may not be as dominant as that team was but it could be also. The next two years we'll see what house Jerry and Bill build on the foundation of 2005. This was a great draft and FA class, and will pay dividends for a decade or more.

    Let the skins revel in the victory today, for we shall see them cry as we revel in 2 or 3 or more Lombardi Trophies in the next decade.

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