Just Bought my first House.

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by jksmith269, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. jksmith269

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    I Closed Friday afternoon and received the Keys today. It's a 3\2 1800 SQ FT. Finished for 160,000 It has 3 Bed rooms studded in the Basement (above ground so will just be a normal down stairs when I'm thru) with another living room and bath. The Downstairs will add another 950 finished SQ FT. for a total of 2750 With a Two Car Garage on a 1/4 acre lot. The Subdivision has Swimming, Tennis, and BBall...

    The Kitchen we upgraded everything to Stainless Steel. I figure when I finish the Down Stairs it should add 25-40K in Value to the House.

    I've heard many horror stories about closing but I didn't have any thank the lord
  2. JPM

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    Congrats, I loved it when the wife and I closed.

    Did you enjoy all the closing costs ??? ;) ;) ;)
  3. jksmith269

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    Seller paid all closing costs. I even got my Earnest money back. BTW it's a brand new house never been lived in...
  4. Smith22

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    Congrats man, great feeling isn't it? I wish houses in my area went that low. Market here has doubled in value in about 5 years. :bang2:
  5. Juke99

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    Welcome to the world of serious debt. :)

    Kidding aside, no better feeling than owning your own place.
  6. BrAinPaiNt

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  7. WoodysGirl

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    Congrats jks. :)

    I wish my closing was as smooth as yours. Not fun at all. I think the only thing they didn't ask for was DNA.
  8. the kid 05

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    geeze houses out here in ill in my area are 350000 and up its ludacris

    but congrats guy...er...girl if you ra girl
  9. phillycard

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    Congrats jks! I can't wait until me and my wife join the ranks next year. Apt living is for the birds man! :mad:
  10. dougonthebench

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    congrats on your house.by the way,whats a basement?is that one of those rooms underground?those of us that live at sea-level dont know what those are.:cool: :D
  11. FoldedSpace

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    ...had a neighbor few years ago that wanted to build an underground house...for the mother-in-law, if I recall. I think they ran out of dynamite trying to make a hole big enough (topsoil only goes down about 2-3 inches, then it's stone). The solution was just to bury the mother-in-law house. I assume they left a front door in....
  12. GTaylor

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    Congrats on your first house (Got mine back in 02)! Don't forget to claim Homested exemption and if I were you I'd sign on with a Bi-monthly payment company for your payments. I did this and in addition I added $60 to each month, by doing so I'll have my home paid off in 20 years as opposed to 30.

    If you decide to write your own checks, just a warning - it's going to suck when you write out a check for that much money and you think to yourself "Aw man, I've got to do this for the next 359 months!", yes your hand will shake as you scribble "One thousand six hundred and ..." best to prepare yourself for it now.

    But no amount will beat the feeling you'll get when you walk into a Home Depot and it hits you that you're a homeowner, or when you fill out a credit app and you check "Own" instead of "rent", or the thousand times when you look at your backyard and think "Man, this belongs to me! I own this!" it's worth 30 years of debt just to do the above.
  13. jksmith269

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    Thanks everyone.... It's going to be mid october before we move in. First I want to get most of the work in the downstairs done and second we are going on a Cruise in 3 weeks and will be gone for 10 days.

    It really hasn't hit us yet. We where there this afternoon and went and bought a new Vac for the house (needed one anyway) new brooms, mops and a lot of blinds for the windows. Security company will be out on saturday, terminex will be out this weekend as well. I'm scheduling a lawn company to come out in october and aireate (SP) the back yard. I'll put the seed down myself. anyway when we got back from the store we where like this is ours and my wife is all giddy. I can't wait till we spend our first night in the house... Can't wait....
  14. AbeBeta

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    What is a "check"?
  15. Hoov

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    good advice about the bimonthly payments. i have that, you hardly notice it each month but you save 5 years on mortgage, and adding a little each month save even more. really smart.
  16. Qwickdraw

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    Congrats jksmith.
  17. AbeBeta

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    I would add though that if you see this house as your first and last home, then certainly the bimonthly (or, weekly as some lenders do it) option is a good one. However, if you think that you'll eventually move to a bigger and better place, then you should just do the standard payment option. Save the extra $50 a month or so for Advil -- you are going to need it.
  18. cowboyfan4life_mark

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    Congrats jksmith269. Nice feeling huh?
  19. jksmith269

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    I will be paying an extra 3 payments each year roughly 300. a month extra but will take my length from 30 years to 17 years and a few months. Not bad huh?

    And it's a very different feeling kknowing I can hang pictures, change paint, and do whatever we want with out having to worry about it...

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