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    What do you think:
    Start :
    1 QB

    QB's 7 pt td 1pt bonus every 10yds
    RB 10 pt td 2pt bonus every 10 yds
    WR 6 pt td 1 pt bonusevery 10 yds

    QB 200-450 1 pt for every 25 yds
    RB 1 pt for every 20 yds
    WR 1 pt for every 20 yds

    QB Kerry Collins
    QB Trent Green
    RB Julius Jones
    RB Lamont Jordan
    RB JJ Arrington
    RB Travis Henry
    WR Torry Holt
    WR Jerry Porter
    WR Charles Rogers
    WR Donte Stallworth
    WR Antonio Bryant
    WR Peter Warrick
    TE LJ Smith
    TE Jeremy Stevens
    D Dallas
    D Minnesota
    K Matt Stover
    K Shayne Graham

    I know my recievers are spotty but they have a huge upside. I took Kerry in the 5 and came back with Trent in the 7 to keep him away from competition. any way I am open to criticism

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