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Just got back from training camp: TO Outburst

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by diehard2294, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. diehard2294

    diehard2294 America's Team

    4,863 Messages
    592 Likes Received
    I got to watch 5 days of practice: so here goes my observations

    Looks like another solid draft: Carpenter looks good,great feet,has a knack for the ball and covers well.

    Fasano looks good,very good hands, runs good routes and works hard

    Skylar green has quick feet,runs nice routes,now if he could just catch the ball more often. BP was screaming at him at weds. morning practice for not knowing where to line up.

    Pat watkins has a nose for the ball, was in a couple of times in the carolina set def. with the first team on tues for Davis. He's so tall and skinny so he looks a little akward going through the drills.

    Hatcher seems to be quick enough off the corner,just looks like he needs to get stronger, he looked better with each practice.

    For the rest I will get to those.

    For the offense, the QB look out of sync with the WR's. I dont think any of the QB's have looked very good so far

    JJ looks to be cutting good, with good quickness, and it dont hurt he is built like a brick house

    MB looks the same,although he struggled in Pass protection on tues

    The WR's look good as a group, they all seem to be running good routes, showing good speed, Crayton caught my eye as being stronger and quicker and was catching everything in sight until tues and weds when he dropped 3 balls. I joked with him that I never seen him drop that many all year.

    The TE position is set,again good routes,good hands, Witten looks good, and Fasano has made some eye dropping catches so far.

    Now the Oline....... Wow I hope things get better because right now it dont look good. The run blocking looks ok, but the pass protection is bad.

    Gurode has actually looked the best to me. Johnson has been getting manhandled by Ratliff/Stanley/ferg. In one particular pass protection drill he was beat and called for holding 3 times. Gurode has been working now exclusively with the first team.

    Flo looks slow out of his stance and appears to be hobbeling a bit, Demarcus beat him a couple of times in practice.

    Rivera looks like the best is behind him

    Kosier looks ok, nothing special

    Rob P looks stronger but still has trouble with the speed rush

    Now for the TO outburst at yesterdays Practice

    First at tues practice you could see BP jawing at TO as he was walking to the sidelines,TO turned and ran back on the field.

    Now for the weds morning practice: TO runs a fly pattern and has Henry by a

    step and Bledsoe underthrows him and Henry knocks it down. So T.O. comes to the sidelines and throws his hands up,not the firt time I seen him do this.

    So T.O. goes back out 2 plays later and runs a great pattern and looses Henry and Bledsoe dumps it off. So OWENS COMES TO THE SIDELINES AND RIPS HIS HELMET OFF AND THROWS IT 20 YDS, after a alone tantrum, Bledsoe pats him on the rear and T.O. starts talking to JJ.

    So far Bledsoe has undertrown him on a couple of occassions and he has not looked happy in his body motions. Stay TUNED: The defense will come later along with pics.

    Many thanks to Cali for advise and overall it was a good time
  2. The30YardSlant

    The30YardSlant Benched

    24,279 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Not to defend TO, but Michael Irvin was the same way when he got overthrown or wasnt given the ball when open
  3. Crown Royal

    Crown Royal Insulin Beware

    12,379 Messages
    2,684 Likes Received
    Armageddon is nigh.
  4. The30YardSlant

    The30YardSlant Benched

    24,279 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    Someone get Bruce Willis on the phone ASAP
  5. Dale

    Dale Forum Architect

    5,872 Messages
    2,345 Likes Received
    This is going to happen.

    What's worth watching is how Bledsoe reacts. TO's going to have his childish moments. They're always coming. But I think how he's handled thereafter will ultimately determine whether those little blowups amount to anything other than a blib on the screen.
  6. locked&loaded

    locked&loaded its redskin season

    3,341 Messages
    499 Likes Received
    rarow :jerk:
  7. AbeBeta

    AbeBeta Well-Known Member

    28,352 Messages
    2,930 Likes Received
    TO is a competitive guy. Would you prefer a guy who wasn't unhappy when plays went wrong?
  8. PakiPride

    PakiPride Benched

    405 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    panic panic pannic

  9. AbeBeta

    AbeBeta Well-Known Member

    28,352 Messages
    2,930 Likes Received
    In some ways TO is right -- if you beat a top quality CB, your QB needs to make that play -- you don't get many of those in a game.

    If TO hadn't had problems in the past folks would call this "competitive fire" -- now everything gets interpreted through a different lense.
  10. Crown Royal

    Crown Royal Insulin Beware

    12,379 Messages
    2,684 Likes Received
    We should have taken Vick and converted him to a WR. I read a story one time that Vick saw a baby bird fall from a tree, and using his 'high' flying ability(snicker) flew up and caught the bird.

    He then stopped the civil war in Zaire, creating the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Singlehandedly.

    He's 2318098445 times the person TO is.
  11. The30YardSlant

    The30YardSlant Benched

    24,279 Messages
    0 Likes Received

    The only thing that kept Michael Irvin from having the same image as TO was Troy Aikman reigning him in at times
  12. diehard2294

    diehard2294 America's Team

    4,863 Messages
    592 Likes Received
    and that's what you pulled out of that write up,I understand competiveness, and I understand he's not the poster child for a team player, hoever he is under a heavy microscope here. So see it how you want it!
  13. Dale

    Dale Forum Architect

    5,872 Messages
    2,345 Likes Received
    I agree.

    People got all mad because he stepped on that dude's leg. In reality, he saw a red ant and was merely trying to kill it.

    And about giving alcohol to minors in an attempt to sleep with them? Good gosh, he's a compassionate man worried about her being hydrated and pleasured.

    And being caught with drugs? He bought those drugs to keep them out of the hands of some unsuspecting child.

    Everyone's a hater these days.
  14. Cochese

    Cochese Benched

    7,360 Messages
    0 Likes Received
    TO is being a douchebag?

    ::feins suprise::
  15. silver

    silver Well-Known Member

    6,370 Messages
    1,078 Likes Received
    someone mentioned irvin and that's exactly how i feel. owens like irvin can make those plays deep. on the other hand keyshawn had the same outbursts, too bad he aint got the legs to get deep anymore. talk the talk if you can walk the walk.
  16. Crown Royal

    Crown Royal Insulin Beware

    12,379 Messages
    2,684 Likes Received
    Actually this one was true...but do we really fault him for that?:laugh2:
  17. Big Dakota

    Big Dakota New Member

    11,875 Messages
    0 Likes Received

    If you had a dollar for every time Mike did that you could buy one of those $5,000 pimped out suites he wears.
  18. RCowboyFan

    RCowboyFan Active Member

    6,926 Messages
    1 Likes Received
    Geez, I don't know why people need to jump on a guy who is making an observation. Its just what he saw or what he thinks, not like it has to be believed by everyone?

    He is just writing what he saw or what he believed happened, nothing wrong there.
  19. EGG

    EGG Well-Known Member

    6,460 Messages
    2,420 Likes Received
    Bledsoe needs to get up to speed,,, given the game changing abilities of Owens, there's no excuse for failing to see him wide open for a TD. He should be the first, middle and hopefully the last read!!
  20. CanadianCowboysFan

    CanadianCowboysFan Lightning Rod

    17,631 Messages
    1,656 Likes Received
    Given the way some seem to think he is not allowed to get angry or be upset, yes ;)

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