just listened to Greg Cossell on Cowherd's show

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by JoeyBoy718, Apr 3, 2014.

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    One of the most respected film guys in the game. He only talked for a few minutes, but it was interesting stuff. I like that he doesn't buy into the ESPN hype machine. He only talked about three people: Manziel, Bridgewater and Clowney. I'll try to recap:

    On Manziel: Cossell says he doesn't put too much weight into pro days. Wonders why a QB like Manziel would be considered a top QB in a draft class. He's under 6 foot, doesn't play like he has a strong arm, is undisciplined, doesn't throw to open receivers, and a few other bad things I can't remember. Says people want their version of Russell Wilson, but says the Seahawks have to basically babysit Wilson and create the offense to play in spite of his limitations. Says Manziel's pro day doesn't reflect what he did on the field. He demonstrated a strong arm in his pro day but not on the field. He's a great natural passer, and it showed during pro day, but he throws off balanced a lot of times in games and makes poor throws. Says beating Alabama and the emergence of Russell Wilson are the only reason Manziel is so hyped. Says of course he had a good pro day because he had 2 months to script it.

    On Bridgewater: Didn't really say much. Cowherd asked him since Cossell believes a good pro day can't help your stock, can it hurt it? He said not really but it's a bit of a red flag since you had 2 months to prepare it. How can you have 2 months to script a pro day and still do poorly?

    On Clowney: Cowherd was excited about Clowney's ability in yesterday's athletic drills. Cossell told Cowherd to calm down. Said we already know Clowney is a great athlete so of course he's gonna perform well in athletic drills. What did we learn about Clowney we didn't already know? Cowherd then said but he was running drills and showed that he can drop back in coverage like a linebacker. Cossell said just because you have athletic ability doesn't mean you have football ability. Says just because he did it during pro day doesn't mean he'll do it on the field.

    I think he's right about Manziel. I think drafting Manziel would be a huge mistake. I also hope we don't make the mistake of selling the farm for Clowney.
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    I wonder who Cossell does like?
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    while I agree with these sentiments, I would think that of the 3, he is the most correct on Manziel IMO...he really didn't say much about TB and Clowney is a talent, no question there....like @DFWJC said, I would love to know if he likes anyone
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    I do not fear that happening.

    As for Cosell's QB evaluations, just remember he considered Ryan Nassib a top QB and would not have bat an eye if a team reached and took Mike Glennon in the first round.

    He is way too hung up on arm talent.

    Consider this sterling appraisal from the 2012 draft:

    Therefore, he discounts IQ and field presence (two things Wilson has in spades, so does Manziel) and overrates arm talent.
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    Said Watkins was best player in draft.
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    I don't know if you listen to podcasts but Ross Tucker has a football podcast that is draft focused now. He has Cossell on for about 30 minutes once per week. I am several episodes behind but think Tucker does a good job. I did not know he was a Cowboy for a year during his playing career.

    I heard Cossell several months ago talk about Manziel. On that magical touchdown pass Manziel had against Duke where he jumped into a lineman and then hit a receiver for a long touchdown pass, Cossell said it was a fascinating play to study. He said Manziel's first read on that play was open and the ball should have been thrown, same for the second read as well. He didn't throw either of them the ball but then took the ball and darted up the middle only to jump back again and threw a touchdown pass. He was wondering how a scout grades that play? He thinks it would be a negative as he had two open receivers on his primary reads but he did wind up throwing a TD pass.
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    That is probably a reason why Cosell and similar minded pundits like Jaworski downgrade Manziel.

    I get that he is not for every team. Few QBs are. I would bet that a lot of these same kind of negative evaluations based off static film study are what caused a free lancing QB like Romo to be downgraded out of an entire draft.
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    Not a terrible choice.

    I wouldn't rank him the very best, but he seems like about as close to sure thing as there is at his position.
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    Sammy Watkins is one of the few to ever be named a true freshman All-American along with Herschel Walker, AP and Marshall Faulk wouldn't be surprised if we see greatness out of him
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    Scouting reports are all over with johnny. Some have him as the best qb in the draft. Some the 4th. Some a 1st round. Some a 3rd. If he's there at 16 he will be a cowboy. Unless someone offers a great trade down. Oh and if they lock jj up in the bathroom so he can't call in the pick.

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