Just met Too Tall & Rayfield Wright

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by TrogSneed, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. TrogSneed

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    They were waiting to board a flight at Newark Airport back to Dallas. I happened to be walking by the gate they were at and recognized Too Tall (I wasn't sure at first but seeing how tall he was and the flight was going to Dallas ... what are the odds ?)
    Still I called my buddy over who is a huge Cowboy fan & Romo hater to confirm. We both work at the airport.
    I shook Too Tall's hand and he introduced us to Rayfield Wright (I was kind of embarrassed I did not recognize him also). They told us they were in town doing something with Joe Namath.
    I asked them what they thought of Romo. They just looked at each other and didn't say much (which actually said volumes).
    I asked them if the Giant game made them sick & they laughed.
    Rayfield Wright said that these current Cowboys don't know how to close games.
    My buddy asked them about TO & they both said they don't really know him but there must be a reason why he has been with 4 different teams in a short span of time.
    They were very friendly & cordial.
    BillyJoe Dupree is also flying out sometime today. I am going to try to meet him also.
    I will post again if I do.
  2. CrazyCowboy

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    cool....thanks for the report.

    PS. everyone is going to be wrong about ROMO. ;-)
  3. Sarge

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    Really nice post - thanks for sharing!
  4. TrogSneed

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    I think Romo will be fine also.
  5. DallasKnight

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    WAYYYYYY Cool man. Congrats on meeting them. 2 guys that I wouldn't mind meeting. :)
  6. big dog cowboy

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    Not even a cell phone pic? :mad:

    J/K I'll bet that was really cool to meet them.
  7. whittle

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    Too Tall was in Beaumont on Wed. also. Saw him in a resturant. He looks like he could still play.
  8. jay cee

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    too cool. that post really brings back great memories.
  9. Sam I Am

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    Sweet! I would love to meet Rayfield Wright. That man is nothing but Cowboy and packed with Cowboys pride. A hell of a lot more Cowboy than Emmitt Smith.
  10. lcharles

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    Should we read anything into the "silence' when asked about Romo?

  11. dallascowboyfanboy

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    Boy howdy though, I've met some of Emmitt's NY ladies- and they are super hotties. I know he had great female fanbase when he came to NY to play against Jints.
  12. Sam I Am

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    Hotties or not, I can't stand gold diggers and fame whores. When they get used, abused and then kick to the curb, I have no pity.

    A person should have more self respect for themselves. Not don't get me wrong. Not *all* of these ladies are these types of women, but the ones you see hanging out in night clubs with these athletes most definitely are.

    Like this one.


    There is another one, but I can't post it. If you Google Image search "Why Buy A Jeremy Shockey" it will pop up first.

    I can't stand these skanky disgusting women. Hot or not.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Very cool post. I always like to hear when former greats treat fans cool. You hear so much of the opposite these days. Thanks for posting that Sneed.

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