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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by BIGDen, Apr 30, 2006.

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    That's true. I agee with that. He will be the starting returner.
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    I fail to see how the draft is as bad as many fans here seem to think it is.

    Normally, I am very critical of the Dallas Cowboys. Ask theogt.

    Back to the draft. Carpenter in the first, I liked. He is the "able to contribute" from day one pick I wanted. Furthermore, with drafting him, we can keep Ware at WOLB. Good pick. B.

    Since we are running a 2 TE set, we need another TE. Fasano is that TE. He was the 4th TE taken off the board IIRC. Davis, Lewis, and Klopfenstein were taken ahead of him. Many here wanted Pope. Another TE was taken before Pope was taken. If Pope was hands down the better TE, why didn't Denver take him? Fasano is a pass catching TE who can also block. Perfect fit for our other TE for our new base offensive set. B.

    Hatcher was a bit of a surprise. Didn't really know much about him until we picked him. Sounds like a good prospect, but is raw. Probably an eventualy replacement in the rotation. Maybe this allows Canty inside for a couple of plays to give Ferguson a breather. Or maybe he plays inside, Solid pick. C

    Skyler Green will help our return game. Our return game last year was mediocre at best. Green was the SEC Special Teams Player of the Year IIRC. This should help immediately and Green should be an impact player from the get-go because of his return abilities. B-

    Pat Watkins in the 5th is a good value pick. At worst, we get a good ST player and a solid backup FS. Best case scenario, he develops into our FS for many years. He has the heigth to be a major factor in the passing game. Needs to develop, but a good prospect in round five. B

    Draft Grade: B/B-
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    I have mixed feelings about some of the picks, but I really enjoy reading all the different opinions.

    Some posters are such blind homers that we need Eddie and guys like him to help balance out the insanity.

    It's entertaining ... at least to me.

    I remember everyone tripping over themselves to justify the Quincy Carter pick five years ago. "The Raiders were going to take him!"

    I think the offensive line has been awful for the better part of six or seven years now and I don't think it will be much better this year. I'd like to see Parcells finish the draft with nothing but offensive linemen and maybe Dallas will get lucky and hit on one.

    The uncertainty and the fact that so many mistakes are made each year is what makes this process so fun.

    It's not the end of the world.
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    I think so also...I might even throw a + on the end of it...

    very nice so far...

    had there been oline worth taken... I think we would have taken them...
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    Hey Zax!

    The drafting of Montavious Stanley :bow: made it an A+ Draft for me. His enthusiasm for the game is infectious. Now I just cant wait for TC.

    BTW I loved the Fasano pick.
  6. Zaxor

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    I'm with you Arch.... Mnt. Stanley maybe my favorite Cowboy now
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    Well hell - Tom brady was passed over by every team for 5 rds and several more for 6 for whatever reason. This argument carries no weight.

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