Just remembered...No Ring For Cortez!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Gryphon, Jan 17, 2006.

  1. Gryphon

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    With the defeat of the "invincible" Colts comes the end of the hated Jose Cortez's shot at a Super Bowl ring. It would have been rather unjust had he gotten one with the quality work he provided for the four teams that wasted their money on him. I'm suprised the Texans didn't pick him up so they could have blown more games.
  2. Dawgs0916

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    lets say your cortez...and you played for 3-4 different teams in the same year. would you honestly feel like you deserved a ring, even if the team you were currently on happened to win the super bowl. if it was me, it just wouldnt feel the same. but he probably would have just sold it to get some rogaine or a brain implant to know not to mess with the strongest player in the league.
  3. billyrags

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    I doubt anyone in his situation has ever turned down a ring.

    If I decide to join the long standing office lottery pool this week and we win; I would expect an equal share.

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    He was brought in by the Colts to be a kick off specialist... if he does THAT job then I am sure he would gladly accept the ring and feel that he had deserved it... no one turns down ring...
  5. calico

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    Cortez would have made that kick....
  6. Bob Sacamano

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    all I know is that Cortez's kickoffs were making Bill regret cutting him
  7. iceberg

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    this year is not over with yet...
  8. juice28

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    :lmao: thanks!
  9. kojak

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    He probably would have. And even if he did miss, it wouldn't have been 40 foot wide right like Vanderjagt did. Talk about a shank job.
  10. Jon88

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    I agree that was horrible. Watching his mechanics it looked like he tried to miss it.
  11. EGG

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    Just watching Cortez kick in practice probably screwed up Vanderjagt's technique. That guy is the kiss of death to an NFL team. Manning shouldn't have called out his OL, he should have called out that jinx instead!
  12. superpunk

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    You've got it all wrong. Cortez is the reason Vanderprick missed the field goal. Cortez has been giving him pointers since he came on. I remember I started a thread on another forum, when he was signed, declaring the Colts officially eliminated from contention. Turns out, that wasn't that far off.

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